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Armenia plans to trample on Iran's red line in Brussels: no response yet by Tehran

28 March 2024 15:37 (UTC+04:00)
Armenia plans to trample on Iran's red line in Brussels: no response yet by Tehran
Qabil Ashirov
Qabil Ashirov
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Staying true to its tradition, Armenia disappointed another of its friend and ally countries, more precisely Iran. If we say that in the Garabagh War, Iran was the only Muslim country that sided with Armenia, we would not be wrong. Love for Armenia blinded Iran to such an extent that Tehran did not even hesitate to threaten Azerbaijan because of Armenia.

In response to all that Iran has done for Armenia, Yerevan is preparing to hold a joint security conference with the EU and the United States in April and sign an agreement. This, in turn, means trampling Iran's red lines. It is strange that in the background of all these events, Iran still maintains its silence.

Speaking to Azernews on the issue, political analyst Samir Humbatov noted that it seems that Iran's turning a blind eye to Armenia may also come from Iran's attempt not to lose Armenia. However, it should be taken into account that deepening cooperation with NATO and bringing the USA and the EU to the region may lead to a situation that will discourage Iran. Samir Humbatov does not think that Iran will stand still in such a situation.

“Because it already means that the presence of forces hostile to Tehran in the territory of Armenia includes actions that will target Iran. From this point of view, the reason for Iran's silence today could be interpreted as Iran thinking that such an event will not happen. I don't believe that it will last forever. If NATO comes to the region and the relations between NATO and Armenia are deepened, this will be a threat to Iran. The collective West and USA may directly try to strike Iran through Armenia,” the expert noted.

He said that if NATO comes to this region, it may lead to the escalation of new conflicts in the South Caucasus. He does not believe that Iran will take it calmly. However, it is true that today Iran is deepening its economic and political relations with Armenia. He pointed out that indeed, Iran says that the territorial integrity of the neighbouring states is our red line, but there are reasons behind it.

“However, it may have a great impact on the region with NATO's entry into the region, and Iran may want to prevent this from now on. I don't think that this issue will be solved so easily. Bringing the West to the region, Armenia may further increase the tension in the Iran-NATO-Russia triangle. By doing this, Armenia actually created tension in the region. It is not only about Azerbaijan. By coming to the region, NATO aims to hit both Iran and Russia. Therefore, I do not think that Iran and Russia will accept NATO's arrival in the region. If NATO enters the region and if Yerevan and Washington sign a strategic agreement, this will cause great tension within Armenia. Besides, Iran and Russia can put pressure on Armenia. In a word, great dangers will await Armenia,” Humbatov added.


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