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Minister Uraloğlu discusses development of road corridor with his Iraqi counterpart

8 February 2024 23:30 (UTC+04:00)
Minister Uraloğlu discusses development of road corridor with his Iraqi counterpart

By Zeynep Karçığa

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Abdulkadir Uraloğlu met with Iraqi Minister of Transport Rezzak Muheybes es-Sadavi and his accompanying delegation, who paid an official visit to Turkiye, at the ministry.

Minister Uraloğlu and his Iraqi counterpart, Rezzak Muheybes es-Sadavi, made statements to the press after the bilateral and inter-delegation meetings.

Uraloğlu stated that they discussed regional issues and cooperation with Iraq during the meeting.

“Our most important topic is the development of a road corridor. We exchanged information between mutual delegations and in bilateral meetings about the point we had reached regarding it. We had a very useful meeting," the minister said.

Providing information about the latest situation in the Development Road Project, Minister Uraloğlu said, “They told us that they have made serious progress in both railway and highway projects on the development road. We also follow it closely. Hopefully, we will see the developments regarding the financing and tender of this place during the year, hopefully in the coming months".

Minister Uraloğlu stated that they mutually discussed that some decisions could be taken during President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's visit to Iraq and said: “As a Turkish side, we informed them about the work we need to do in our country in the continuation of the development path. So we execute them quickly. We know that there is ship traffic circling the Cape of Good Hope, especially due to certain events in the Red Sea. We know that shipping, which today takes about 45 days from the Cape of Good Hope and about 35 days from the Red Sea, can be done in just 25 days when we complete the development path. We are aware of how valuable it is. And we continue our work day and night. Our delegations continue to work closely together in both countries. I would like to thank Minister and his delegation for their visit to our country.”

Iraqi Minister of Transport Rezzak Muheybes es-Sadavi stated that they talked about the Development Road Project and the work done in Faw Port and said, “The development road consists of 3 main issues. We have now completed 85 percent of the Great Faw port. The second wing is the railway network. 55 percent of this has been completed. The third leg is the road and highway. It has been implemented by 35 percent. Our efforts as Iraq continue".

Stating that some expropriation incidents are on the agenda along the route of the development road, Iraqi Minister Muheybes al-Sadawi said, “Agreements have now been completed with 9 of the 11 Iraqi provinces through which the route passes. We have named and determined the location of the connection between the two countries".

Muheybes es-Sadavi stated that the financial and economic issues of the project are also on the agenda and said:

“Ground survey work on the 1000-kilometer section continues. Our negotiations continue with international companies that are renowned for operating international ports. The matter of the operation and operation of the Great Faw Port. Negotiations are continuing to establish the necessary tools and equipment for the operation of the port. We reached an agreement to open mutual offices in both countries. Turkey will have an office in Baghdad and Iraq will have an office in Turkiye. They will only work to deal with the Development Path. We also put the issue of negotiations with Turkish companies that are renowned and skilled in railways and ports on the agenda. As Iraq, we would like to benefit from the experiences of these companies. The issue of transportation was also on the agenda. “We agree to facilitate and improve transportation between Iraq and Turkiye.


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