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Bursa municipality adds Gorukle metro line to investment portfolio

26 January 2023 16:48 (UTC+04:00)
Bursa municipality adds Gorukle metro line to investment portfolio

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In an effort to weave an iron web around Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality added the University Gorukle metro line to its investment portfolio. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan laid the cornerstone for the project that will be carried out by the Transportation Ministry.

Bursa, which met with rail transportation thanks to the 2,002-km line, of which 17 km was put into service for the first time, has covered a significant distance in railway transportation in the last 20 years. While 100 km more lines were added to Bursaray, where approximately 22 million passengers were transported last year, the total line length from Kestel to University and Emek increased to 39 kilometers. In addition, a total of 1 km of tram line has been added to the city, together with the T3 and T2 line in the city center and the T16.7 line between the City Square and the Terminal.

While the Metropolitan Municipality realized all these investments with its own means, the Ministry of Transport stepped in for new rail system investments. Emek-Sehir Hospital Rail System Line, designed by the Metropolitan Municipality in order to provide uninterrupted transportation to Bursa City Hospital, was transferred to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure with the decision of the Council of Ministers. While the construction of the 6.1-km 4-station line, which was started by the Ministry, continues, 60 percent of the pile works of the project have been completed, and the physical realization rate of excavation and filling works has increased to 33 percent.

Meanwhile, the ministry supported the project of the Metropolitan Municipality to extend the western line, which ends at the Uludag University campus, to Gorukle, where 'student settlement is dense'. The University-Gorukle extension with a length of 3,5 km and two stations was included in the Emek-YHT Station-Sehir Hospital project, where the construction continues. The foundation of the new line, which will provide uninterrupted access to the university and the city center of the people of Gorukle, 'especially university students', was laid with a ceremony attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan himself. The president, who attended the mass opening ceremony in Bursa at the weekend wished the project, which he laid the foundations of, to be beneficial to the city.

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas reminded that all ministries, especially the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, made significant investments in Bursa during this period. Reminding that the advantages of the harmony between the central government and the local government are best seen in Bursa, Mayor Aktas said that “the extension of the university line to Gorukle was among our election promises. In this regard, support came from the Ministry of Transport, and investment began. I would like to thank all our ministers, especially our President, who did not withhold their support and investments from Bursa”.

Within the scope of the 3.5 km Gorukle line project, which will pass underground in the form of cut-and-cover, along with the existing warehouse in Odunluk, a warehouse with an area of ​​93,500 square meters will be built to serve the repair-maintenance and parking needs of the entire metro vehicle fleet of the city.


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