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Armenians use criminal in dirty PR campaigns against Azerbaijan

18 November 2022 17:45 (UTC+04:00)
Armenians use criminal in dirty PR campaigns against Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan’s popular Russian language news website Day.Az carries an article by Mehdi Ahmadzada on the anti-Azerbaijani activities of US Senator Robert Menendez. Click here to read this article in its original version.

The Armenian lobby, engaged in parasitic activities in different countries, has launched a large-scale anti-Azerbaijani campaign. So, in France on November 15, an idiotic resolution was passed against Azerbaijan, which contained nothing in common with reality, and now politicians, bribed by Armenians in the United States, have made another fake accusation.

In particular, the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Senate, Robert Menendez, said that Ukraine allegedly supplied Azerbaijan with ammunition with white phosphorus, which was then “used during the hostilities in Karabakh in 2020”.

Menendez did not provide any evidence. He blurted out and moved on. This is not the first time this has happened to him. And before him, Azerbaijan was repeatedly accused of all sorts of imperfect crimes. And each time, not a single piece of evidence was presented.

Menendez had previously distinguished himself with his “special love” for the Armenians. Naturally, he does not do it for free. He is the rarest type of skimpy, multi-layered, two-faced person. Bob always and in everything acts in the interests of the Armenian lobby. Since 1995, he has been one of the most active functionaries of the so-called Group on Armenian Affairs (Armenian Caucus) in the US Congress. It was Menendez, who blocked the resolution allowing the US to sell helicopters to Azerbaijan, as well as the appointment of Matthew Bryza as the US ambassador to Azerbaijan.

It is clear that Menendez’s words are a new provocation of the Armenian lobby against Azerbaijan. Cheap lies that the Armenians invent to justify their defeat. Instead of thinking about bolstering peace in the region, they are again doing the wrong things. They waste money on cheap fake accusations, bribing all sorts of evil spirits like Bob or the same Adam Schiff. All these faces are constantly engaged in stupid activities.

Instead of talking nonsense, Bob should have thought about the fact that he actually has problems with the feds.

We should note that at the end of October this year, it surfaced that Bob Menendez is under federal criminal investigation. This was reported by sources familiar with the matter. The Senator’s adviser himself also confirmed the information.

The investigation is being conducted by the Manhattan federal prosecutor’s office, sources said. The exact nature of the investigation was not immediately clear. A spokesman for the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York declined to comment, as did FBI officials.

Menendez, who is chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was previously charged with corruption in April 2015 over his relationship with Florida eye doctor Salomon Melgen.

The prosecutor’s office accused Menendez of receiving approximately $1 million in campaign contributions and lavish gifts-flights on Melgen’s private jet, a first-class commercial flight, and a charter flight.

Also in his biography, there were numerous vacations at the Melgen villa in the Dominican Republic and a hotel room in Paris - from Melgen in exchange for political services. As you can see, it is simply impossible to trust and believe in such a criminal boss, who calls himself a senator. A person with a tarnished reputation has neither moral nor legal rights to blame anyone else since the pro-Armenian Bob has no evidence.


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