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France reaping benefits of brotherhood with Armenia

10 June 2021 17:58 (UTC+04:00)
France reaping benefits of brotherhood with Armenia

By Trend

The killing of Gambia native (26-year old Yusuf) in France is one of the thousands of acts of aggression by Armenians, motivated by hatred towards representatives of other races and peoples, Editor-in-Chief of the Azerbaijani Trend News Agency Rufiz Hafizoglu said, Trend reports.

"However, it is well known, that Armenians themselves and their patrons quite successfully manage to cover up the crimes they have committed,” he noted. "Almost all the peoples of the South and North Caucasus are witnesses to this."

"The impunity of the Armenians has led to the fact that today the crimes they have committed have gone beyond the boundaries of the "common home" - the Caucasus,” the chief editor said.

Hafizoglu reminded that the murder of a Gambia native by a group of 3-4 Armenians happened in front of passers-by.

“According to French sources, the incident took place on the basis of racism, in a country that the Armenians consider their second homeland, and where, according to the law, racism must be punished by law,” Hafizoglu said.

“The main problem is that it is impunity that inspires Armenians to manifest racism and hatred towards other peoples, and such cases continue to pile up,” he said.

“Of course, amid the pro-Armenian statements of French President Emmanuel Macron, the "courage" of the Armenians (attacking four on one), who are beginning to feel even more protected in France, is further growing,” he added.

Turning a blind eye to the crimes of the Armenians in Karabakh, France is now facing Armenian racism in its own backyard, Hafizoglu said.

“France should be ready for the fact that the same Armenians, who are so supported by this country, will soon desecrate the grave of a French soldier who fought against Nazi Germany. Indeed, among the Armenian youth, both in Armenia itself and in the West, the cult of the personality of Garegin Nzhdeh is flourishing,” the chief editor noted.

According to Hafizoglu, France must be prepared for the fact that members of the Armenian ASALA terrorist organization will walk openly the streets of Paris, without hiding, which will be a spit in the face of French democracy.

In turn, the Armenians who live in France must be prepared to face the reaction of the community of immigrants from African countries, Hafizoglu said.


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