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Muslims, Christians and Jews live in peace in Azerbaijan

11 February 2015 12:35 (UTC+04:00)
Muslims, Christians and Jews live in peace in Azerbaijan

By Sara Rajabova

‘We’re trying to set a good example and show the whole world that it’s possible for Muslims, Jews and Christians to live together in peace and harmony. We have a strong societal foundation for that.”

Nasimi Aghayev, Azerbaijan’s Consul General in Los Angeles made the remarks in his interview with “Intermountain Jewish News” speaking about the tolerance traditions in Azerbaijan.

“Intermountain Jewish News”, which is printed in the State of Colorado and is one of the most read Jewish newspapers in the U.S., published a large article based on an interview with Aghayev.

Authored by Chris Leppek and titled “Azerbaijan comes to Denver”, the article highlights Aghayev’s views about the ancient traditions of tolerance in Azerbaijan and the environment of mutual trust and respect among various religious confessions existing in his country.

The diplomat told the newspaper that it is one of his goals to further nurture the relationship with the friendly Jewish communities based in the West Coast U.S. states he covers, which also include Colorado.

Speaking of the centuries-old vibrant Jewish community of Azerbaijan, Aghayev mentions that the Jews have always been an integral part of the Azerbaijani society and played an important role in Azerbaijan’s political, social and cultural life.

He noted that today Muslims, Christians and Jews continue to live in peace, security and dignity in Azerbaijan, and this can be a great example and model for the rest of the world, especially in these troubled times. Aghayev underlined the fact that there has never been any anti-Semitism or any religious discrimination in Azerbaijan.

The article also mentions the facts about the illegal occupation and ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijan’s lands by Armenia. In this regard, Aghayev noted that as a result of Armenia’s aggression and war of occupation in early 1990s, tens of thousands of Azerbaijanis lost their lives and over one million of his compatriots were expelled from their homes and lands.

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