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President Aliyev: Azerbaijani youth contributing to country's development

2 September 2014 08:12 (UTC+04:00)
President Aliyev: Azerbaijani youth contributing to country's development

By Nigar Orujova

The Azerbaijani youth are deeply attached to their motherland and contribute greatly to its development, President Ilham Aliyev said during his visit to Beylagan region.

"As a result of the establishment of Olympic centers in Azerbaijan, we are rapidly developing professional sports in the country," the president went on saying. "Young people and teenagers are showing keen interest in sports and achieving excellent results. Azerbaijan is known in the world as a sporting nation today. At the latest Olympic Games we achieved a great victory - we won 10 medals and finished in 30th place in team standings."

President Aliyev also referred to the Youth Olympic Games, which wrapped up in China and Azerbaijani young athletes achieved great victories in it. He congratulated them, their coaches and Azerbaijan's entire sports community on this occasion.

The head of state has also stressed that Azerbaijani chess players took the first place at the World Chess Olympiad held recently.

Both in the World Chess Olympiad and in the Youth Olympic Games, Azerbaijan was far ahead of Armenia. "This suggests that we are stronger than them," said the president.

"The Armenian and Azerbaijani economies are not comparable. Our economy is about 20 times bigger than that of Armenia," the president noted.

At the beginning of this month Armenia tried to stage a provocation on the frontline, but the Azerbaijani army gave a crushing response to the enemy, he noted. "There is now panic and fear in Armenia."

"To eliminate this fear, Armenia should simply abide by international law and unconditionally withdraw from the occupied lands. This is required by four UN Security Council resolutions. I am confident that we will restore our territorial integrity. International law supports our position."

President Aliyev went on to say that Azerbaijan does not need any help from abroad.

"Some foreign circles are trying to impose their will on others under the guise of globalization. In particular, works are carried out to help young people and funds are allocated through a variety of channels for the implementation of some projects. But in fact these measures are aimed at setting the youth against the state,"

The president also referred to certain threats not only for Azerbaijan but also all countries.

"Today a free society has emerged in Azerbaijan. All democratic institutions are available and they are operating successfully. All freedoms, including the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, the freedom of the press and free Internet, are available in the country. There is no censorship," the president believes.

In terms of military capabilities, the Azerbaijani army is one of the strongest armies not only in comparison with the Armenian, but also on a global scale, he stressed.

"Military expenditure is the main item of our state budget, and this will continue be the case in the coming years. The professionalism of our army is growing, the patriotic spirit is high and the Azerbaijani society is rallied around a single idea," Aliyev said.

"I am glad that our youth are patriotic, and are raised and educated in a national spirit... Our young people should be knowledgeable because knowledge and competence can help them achieve everything in the modern world," he added.

The president noted that today, in the economic sphere and in the development of industrial production, everything depends on modern technology. "Therefore, our young people should learn, acquire the knowledge and become qualified professionals. Azerbaijan has all the opportunities. The economy of Azerbaijan is developing, new jobs are being created, industrial enterprises and service sectors are opening, and there is a great need for qualified professionals. Young people should contribute to the development of our main sectors."

"I believe that patriotism, knowledge, literacy, physical fitness, attachment to the past, and education in the national spirit should be our main factors," he said.

Speaking about demographic situation, the president noted that the situation is very positive in Azerbaijan. "Around 170,000-180,000 infants are born each year on average. So the creation of jobs should be an ongoing process. Population growth, of course, is a source of great strength for us."

During the visit, President Aliyev also made a tour and opened a number of facilities in Beylagan, Fuzuli and Horadiz.

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