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Armenia still has strong nationalist ruling class

2 December 2023 18:33 (UTC+04:00)
Armenia still has strong nationalist ruling class

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy Edmondo Cirielli in an interview with "Formiche" newspaper expressed the opinion that there is still a strong nationalist ruling class in Armenia, forces seeking to destabilise the Caucasus, strong Armenian communities living outside Armenia who are really unaware of the problems and the current situation, Azernews reports.

"They are also among the causes that people accept more easily. Because they are children and descendants of the Armenian diaspora with strong nationalistic and chauvinistic views." said the minister

The Deputy Minister emphasised that Azerbaijanis have nothing to do with what happened against Armenians at the beginning of the last century, so Azerbaijanis bear no responsibility. They cannot be held responsible for the sins of others just because they are Muslims.

"Moreover, we know very well that Azerbaijan is one of the most secular and tolerant countries in the Muslim world. This is their distinctive feature. So let's try not to use religion as an element of conflict between nations," Cirielli added.

There have always been those in Europe who foment Armenian revanchism and Armenian nationalism, confusing Iravan in issues not even envisaged by international law.

Referring to the processes taking place in the South Caucasus, Cirielli emphasised that President Ilham Aliyev is a very pragmatic leader who has categorically ruled out any steps by Azerbaijan that contradict international law.


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