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Armenia's actions on border with Azerbaijan - doomed to failure - Russian political analyst

18 November 2021 15:38 (UTC+04:00)
Armenia's actions on border with Azerbaijan - doomed to failure - Russian political analyst

By Trend

Armenia's actions on the border with Azerbaijan were initially doomed to failure, Russian historian and political analyst, professor Oleg Kuznetsov told Trend, commenting on the recent aggravation of the situation in the region.

According to Kuznetsov, a degrading country has the same degrading army.

“Even those who do not have a higher military education understand that military operations by the forces of a motorized rifle battalion in the modern war between Azerbaijan and Armenia will not lead to any tactical or even operational success, even if it is short-term,” he noted.

"These actions, cannot be called in any way except as reckless and adventurous, and if the Armenian army undertook reconnaissance in force or worse, a military-political provocation, then it was initially doomed to failure,” Kuznetsov stressed.

He added that the meaning of this military adventure was clear from the very beginning - to attack the Azerbaijani positions, provoke a counterattack, declare it an "invasion" of the Azerbaijani army into the sovereign territory of Armenia and turns to the Kremlin for military protection.

He noted that it was a primitive combination, intended to drag Russia into someone else's adventure.

“The Armenians did not even hide their preparations for the provocation. Last weekend, Semyon Pegov (founder of the WarGonzo project) arrived in Yerevan, who appears in Armenia only on the eve of some kind of a military mess, and from that moment it became clear to any adequate analyst that the scent of gunpowder was smelled. In Baku, I think, they read this news in the same way, so it is not surprising that the day before yesterday's adventure of the Armenian army was met by the Azerbaijani military fully armed and ended in defeat," Russian political analyst said.


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