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Aghdam’s large-scale destruction highlighted during officials’ visit

29 July 2021 18:06 (UTC+04:00)
Aghdam’s large-scale destruction highlighted during officials’ visit

By Vugar Khalilov

Representatives of the Interdepartmental Center under the Coordination Headquarters that oversees restoration work in Azerbaijan’s liberated lands, visited Aghdam on July 29.

The visit of the Working Group on Science, Education and Culture of the Interdepartmental Center aimed at carrying out relevant registration work in the central historical part of the district, namely in Uzerlik-tepe, the Imaret complex, the Giyasli mosque, the Juma mosque, the Shahbulag fortress and cemeteries.

Aghdam was occupied by Armenian forces in the war in 1993 but was returned to Azerbaijan’s control following the signing of the November trilateral statement that ended last year’s war.

The level of Aghdam’s destruction during the three decades of occupation, shocked the visitors.

Head of the Working Group, Farah Aliyeva told local media that Armenians did not leave even a single building intact in Azerbaijan’s de-occupied Aghdam district.

“I had been to Aghdam before the occupation. We are shocked by what we see here today,” Aliyeva stressed.

The Working Group included scientists, experts, and officials, who are responsible for inspecting the liberated district and providing necessary ideas during the restoration process.

“We will do our best to restore the historical monuments to their original form. Here our soldiers shed their blood, gave their lives and reclaimed these lands. And we must preserve our historical memory,” said Aliyeva.

Azerbaijani historical and architectural monuments had been destroyed by Armenians during the occupation of Karabakh, another participant of the trip, the department head of the Archaeology and Ethnography Institute Arif Mammadov told the media.

"Having arrived here, we saw that they were all destroyed. Despite this, all these objects will be restored, they will be returned to their original form," Mammadov said.

He added that several articles have been published about the historical monuments and sites in Aghdam. These monuments or tombs belonged to the famous Azerbaijani historical figures (Karabakh rulers or poetess Natavan) that used to live on these lands.

The Coordination Headquarters that is headed by the Head of the Presidential Administration Samir Nuriyev established on November 24, 2020 in line with the presidential decree to address the issues in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan in a centralized manner.

Under the general plan, the territory of Aghdam city is 1,750 hectares and gardens will be created around the city on a 2,450-hectare-area. The smart social infrastructure will be established, 15 schools and kindergartens will be built in the city.

Initially, a big forest park stretching 125 hectares will be laid out in Aghdam. The Aghdam Canal, which is being restored, will pass through the city and water will drain into the lake that will be created here.

An Industry Park will also be built in Aghdam. It will be divided into social and technical zones. It will also have the food, light industry, services sectors, and big industrial enterprises.

The bases for the sale of building materials and a park for vehicles will be created in the Industry Park.

It is planned to open the enterprises producing building materials, meat and dairy factories, establish a wine and feed production, produce and process fertilizers, organize the packing of agricultural products, produce canned fruits and vegetables.

Aghdam's strategic and geographical location will expand the possibilities to turn it into an industrial centre of the Karabakh region.


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