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Easing of quarantine regime can be expected after August 5

21 July 2020 16:34 (UTC+04:00)
Easing of quarantine regime can be expected after August 5

By Ayya Lmahamad

Presidential Aide Shahmar Movsumov has said that the strict quarantine regime in the country might be eased after August if there is positive trend over COVID-19.

Addressing the Operational Headquarters’ briefing on July 20, Movsumov said that positive trend is already visible with the number of recoveries being more than the number of new infection cases, adding that more economic spheres of the economy will be resumed if the positive trend continues.

“We will gradually move to the opening of all areas of activity, but it is necessary to make sure that the conditions for the transition to the strict quarantine regime are not created again,” he added.

"Recent statistics show that the number of recoveries is increasing and the number of those infected is declining. We hope that this trend will continue. This is the result of the efforts of each of us, of the society as a whole. The more positive the trend is, the more activity will be resumed in more areas. This time, hairdressing salons and a number of other spheres of activity have been opened,” he said.

Movsumov stressed that in the next phases, the transition to quarantine regime mitigation will be gradual.

Touching upon reopening beaches and borders to country’s regions, presidential aide stressed that this was a very risky step, as it could increase the rate of virus spread.

Moreover, he emphasized that to date, support in the amount of AZN 95.6 million has been provided to preserve the salaries of more than 212,000 hired workers. In addition, AZN 63 million was sent to support micro-entrepreneurs, and AZN 254 million was paid to 689,000 people in social sphere.

Movsumov called on every citizens to follow the quarantine rules everyday.

Presidential aide added that today Azerbaijan is fighting on several fronts.

"Today we are fighting Armenians in the Tovuz direction, another direction is the fight against coronavirus. Together we will win on all fronts,” Movsumov stressed.


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