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New stage is being start in South Caucasus' history

22 April 2024 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
New stage is being start in South Caucasus' history
Fatime Letifova
Fatime Letifova
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On April 19, an agreement was reached between Azerbaijan and Armenia on the return of four villages of the Gazakh district to Azerbaijan. Thus, at the initial stage of the delimitation process, the parties agreed that separate parts of the border line should pass directly between the settlements Baghanis (Armenia) - Baghanis Ayrim (Azerbaijan), Voskepar (Armenia) - Ashaghi Askipara (Azerbaijan), Kirants (Armenia) - Kheirimli (Azerbaijan), and Berkaber (Armenia) - Gizilhajili (Azerbaijan) in accordance with the legally justified inter-republic border that existed within the Soviet Union at the time of its collapse.

This was a long-awaited event because the return of the four villages of Gazakh is an important step in reducing the tensions that have increased between Armenia and Azerbaijan for decades and also has a confidence-building effect between the parties. Without a single shot being fired, this shows that the peace process between the two countries has entered a real phase, serious steps have been taken towards delimitation, and a new, fertile ground has appeared for the normalization of relations between Azerbaijan-Armenia, ensuring stability in the region.

But we should not forget the possible threats to the normalization process. The West actively fills the influence vacuum in Armenia, and with assistance from France, as well as Greece and India to a lesser extent, is rearming the Armenian army. These efforts, however, are unlikely to prevent Armenia from a potential military crisis, they may only postpone an inevitable clash in the looming conflict.

Also, the West's aims to strengthen and manipulate Armenian authorities to commit provocations on Azerbaijan's borders are sounding war drums in the South Caucasus. While finally, Armenia is willing to negotiate, Europe and the USA's intentions to increase tension in the region show that the West is a supporter of bloodshed instead of promoting peace.

There is no surprise when Russian peacekeepers' withdrawal from Azerbaijan's Garabagh ahead of the scheduled time caused the dissatisfaction of many institutions, especially the USA.

When commenting on the withdrawal of peacekeepers from Garabagh, official Washington condemned Russia and added that said that Russia is "not a reliable ally or partner".

Because the normalization process in the South Caucasus and Russia's exit from Garabagh are creating "obstacles" for interfering with Western forces in the region.

One of the best examples of the West's tension desire in the region is the reaction came from Armenian authorities on the issue of 4 villages. It is worth noting that on April 18, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's visit to Askipara, meeting with residents of the village of Kirants in the border Tavush province was the first signal of returning Azerbaijan's villages.

It is no coincidence that Pashinyan’s apparent readiness to return the four non-enclave villages of Azerbaijan has sparked opposition within Armenia. Opposition member Anna Grigorian told that he (Pashinyan) is giving the "enemy" their best defensive positions, the main highway and pipeline running from Yerevan to the Georgian border and so on.

Former Armenian defense minister and leader of the Hayastan opposition group, Seyran Ohanyan, urged Armenian soldiers to defy Nikol Pashinyan. These facts show that the West's influence in Armenia reached a high level and it is trying to stop peace processes in the region.

There is no doubt that South Caucasus countries will hear a lot of speeches from the United States and the West in the future. Because the issue here is not to achieve something positive, but to infiltrate into the region.

But the ongoing developments show that where there is no interference from external forces, mainly Western, subversive states such as France, things go more smoothly and faster. Because they complicate peace by spreading false propaganda, muddying the waters, and adding fuel to the fire. The return of four non-annexed villages of the Gazakh to Azerbaijan, region proved that Azerbaijan and Armenia can solve many issues and take common steps towards peace without interference and mediation between them.

It is worth noting that no foreign organization can do anything within the state borders without the official permission of Azerbaijan.


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