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Caravan at Lachin BCP gets longer by French pasta

10 August 2023 02:41 (UTC+04:00)
Caravan at Lachin BCP gets longer by French pasta

It is reported that the "humanitarian" caravan, lined up on a serpentine near the border with Azerbaijan, has become even longer. It originally consisted of 19 Spayka trucks. Last week, two trucks of the Grand Candy company with alleged sweets were added to it. And today, on August 9, another truck was attached to the tail of the caravan. Reportedly with pasta from France.

France's support for Armenian claims to Azerbaijani lands, which we have seen throughout the years of occupation, obstacles and provocations put up by the French side in order to disrupt peace negotiations and give the Armenians time for revenge - this and much more is known to everyone. Unfortunately, this country, itself mired in problems, day by day losing influence in its "overseas territories", continues to mingle in the affairs of our region, only complicating the processes taking place here.

We are waiting soon for trucks with goods from Canada, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Spain, with cargo from the compassionate experts of the UN Human Rights Council, the EU and other organizations. If it goes like this, the caravan will stretch all the way to Yerevan.

We will not talk about double standards, the agony of international law, the violation of all norms and rules. But let's pose a problem. I would like it to be solved by those who defend Armenian insinuations with foam at the mouth, criticize Azerbaijan and try to threaten Baku with something.

Let's imagine the situation: the war in Ukraine has ended, the Ukrainians have restored their territorial integrity and are trying to solve the remaining problems with the separatists. At this time, a humanitarian caravan is heading to the Donbass, which, of course, is not allowed through and gets stuck at the border. Kyiv will quite rightly ban the passage of the gumconvoy. Attention - the question is: how will Europe, USA, the UN, the ICRC and other organizations act?

Option A. France, UN and others will attack Kyiv in unison, demanding that it stop the "blockade" and "genocide". Anti-Ukrainian resolutions will be initiated in international organizations, and tearful videos on social networks will be reposted and retweeted by officials of European structures and deputies of various parliaments.

Option B. France, the UN and others will demand that Russia stop provocations and ensure the transport of humanitarian aid in the way indicated by the Ukrainian authorities. In addition, the question of the indispensable and strictest inspection of the transported cargo will be raised.

Note: when solving a problem, arguments like "this is different" are not accepted. The situations are exactly the same.


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