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Azerikimya announces tender

14 November 2014 11:24 (UTC+04:00)
Azerikimya announces tender

Azerikimya PU of Azerbaijan state energy company SOCAR announced submission of bids for Engineering, Procurement, Construction Supervision (EPCS) services for new “Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant” through “Open Tender” procedures as per requirements of normative documents on organization and management of procurement procedures of SOCAR approved under the Order No.:105 of July 31, 2009.

Bidding is open to any resident or non-resident legal entity, individual, or consortium of legal entities regardless of nationality, except those bidders who are from the countries with which it is not allowed to be in economic relations under the laws of the Azerbaijan Republic o and internal documents of SOCAR and are mentioned in ITB documents.

Bidders having an experience in the development of basic engineering, procurement and construction supervision of Wastewater Treatment Plant in chemical industry and having completed at least 2 projects, as well as having necessary financial means, technical capabilities and staff, are eligible to participate in the tender.

Those wishing to be considered as bidders, must submit the following documents to “Azerikimya” PU, together with bid proposals (to be valid for at least 90 bank days from the bids opening date):

· Bidder’s Statement of Interest, Confirmation and Acceptance of Bidding Terms and Conditions

· Documents confirming an experience in the development of basic engineering, procurement and construction supervision of Wastewater Treatment Plant, especially in chemical industry and completion of at least 2 projects with similar works

· Copies of Licences and/or other documents confirming entitlement to perform works subject to Bidding.

· Legal Address and Bank Details of the Bidder

· Copies of Bidder’s 2 years turnover and annual reports

· A certificate issued by the tax authorities demonstrating whether or not the bidder owes any outstanding taxes, levies or other compulsory payments (as of the date the documentation is submitted)

· Copy of extract from Chamber of Commerce (Industry) or Registration body of Legal Entities of the country where the Bidder is registered or operates

· Bid Bond issued by a reputable and reliable bank covering the proposal for not less than 1.5% of its estimated value (the Bid Bond must be valid for at least 30 days beyond the expiration date of the proposal).

· Guarantee form of Parent Company on the fulfillment of obligations

· Copies of Reference letters given to Bidder

Participation in tender is free of charge. Bidders shall bear any and all expenses for preparing and submitting their proposals, as well as any miscellaneous costs related thereto.

Those wishing to participate should address in written to “Azerikimya” PU, Samad Vurgun 86, Sumgayit, Azerbaijan or [email protected]
in order to obtain ITB documents in English or Azerbaijani.

Contact person: Nasimi Aslanov

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