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Azerbaijan, Romania forge ever-deepening partnership across diverse fronts

1 June 2024 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
Azerbaijan, Romania forge ever-deepening partnership across diverse fronts
Nazrin Abdul
Nazrin Abdul
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Azerbaijan's foreign policy meticulously emphasizes fostering bilateral collaboration, particularly with Central and Eastern European nations, with Romania standing out as a pivotal partner across a spectrum of sectors.

The symbiotic relationship between Azerbaijan and Romania, exemplified by Romania's unique status as the inaugural European nation to establish a strategic partnership with Azerbaijan, underscores a rich tapestry of cooperation encompassing economic, trade, energy, and other vital spheres.

Remarkably, Romania's swift recognition of Azerbaijan's independence, ranking as the second country globally and foremost within the European Union to do so, further underscores the depth of their diplomatic ties.

The inception of diplomatic relations on June 19, 1992, marked a pivotal moment, followed by the establishment of respective embassies in each other's capitals, fostering a nurturing environment conducive to friendship and cooperation.

A pivotal milestone in this trajectory unfolded during President Ilham Aliyev's visit to Romania in December 2022, culminating in the historic signing of the "Agreement on Strategic Partnership in Green Energy Development and Transmission" among Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania, and Hungary. This landmark agreement amplifies the critical role of energy, transportation, and communication in bolstering bilateral ties and propelling green energy initiatives across Europe.

Based on the agreement, the priority is to transfer the green energy produced from renewable sources created on and around the Caspian Sea from Azerbaijan to Georgia, then through an underwater cable line to Romania and Hungary, and from there to the countries of the European Union, thereby establishing the "Caspian-European Union Green Energy Corridor".

In the framework of the "Caspian-European Union Green Energy Corridor" project, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed in the Romanian capital of Bucharest among energy companies from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania, and Hungary, regarding the establishment of a Joint Venture.

Romania's "Transelectrica" electric grid operator signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Azerbaijan's "Azerenergy" OJSC, "Georgia State Electricity Network", and Hungary's MVM company on the creation of a joint venture in Romania dedicated to green energy, centrally located in Romania.

The main goal of the establishment is to implement the "Green Energy Corridor" project. This project will strengthen the regional energy potential and provide electricity from renewable sources at competitive prices in accordance with the goals of the European Union's energy transition.

Parallel to these diplomatic endeavors, inter-parliamentary relations play a pivotal role in fortifying Azerbaijani-Romanian ties. Recent engagements, exemplified by the constructive meeting between Azay Guliyev and Dan Barna on May 30 of the current year, underscore the intrinsic value of reciprocal visits in nurturing stronger bonds. The Azerbaijan-Romania Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group, established on November 5, 2000, serves as a testament to the enduring parliamentary cooperation underpinning this partnership.

Moreover, a series of high-profile visits, such as the official visit of Milli Majlis Former Chairman Ogtay Asadov to Romania in December 2006 and subsequent reciprocal visits by parliamentary delegations, have fortified this partnership. Ministerial exchanges, notably the visit of State Secretary T. Sherban to Azerbaijan in February 2010, have been instrumental in facilitating pivotal agreements such as the "Memorandum of Understanding on Energy Cooperation."

This relentless pursuit of collaboration extends beyond diplomatic corridors to encompass tangible economic endeavors. Noteworthy visits and engagements in various sectors, including agriculture, energy, and labor, have further diversified the bilateral relationship. Additionally, the signing of numerous economic agreements, ranging from trade and investment to taxation and customs, provides a robust legal framework conducive to sustained bilateral economic growth and cooperation.

In a notable stride towards enhancing the existing framework of cooperation, additional protocols have been signed to amend key agreements. The "Additional Protocol" amending the "Agreement on Promotion and Mutual Protection of Investments" and the "Agreement on Trade-Economic Relations and Scientific-Technical Cooperation" signifies a concerted effort to adapt bilateral relations to contemporary needs and opportunities.

In essence, Azerbaijan and Romania stand at the threshold of a new era in their partnership, underpinned by shared values, mutual respect, and a resolute commitment to mutual prosperity. As both nations navigate the complex global landscape, their steadfast collaboration serves as a beacon of hope, resilience, and cooperation in fostering regional stability and prosperity.


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