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Dangerous fashion

31 January 2014 14:15 (UTC+04:00)
Dangerous fashion

By Nigar Orujova

In the modern high technological world, the mom of nature seems more far away than before. The trend is more tangible when we take a look at the growing number of of Caesarean surgery across the world.

Azerbaijan is no exception. Over 18 percent of women prefer caesarean section in Azerbaijan, a surgical procedure to deliver a baby by making an incision in the front wall of a women's abdomen. While the normal percentage, according to the World Health Organization, should not exceed 12-15 percent. Moreover, the number of healthy pregnant women who choose caesarean surgery with no medical reasons is on the rise.

Today, women do not want to feel pain. They want to use this easy way, not realizing that it is not as safe as may seems. Caesarean surgery may be dangerous for both mother and child.

Future mothers should not forget that they must not only give life to their children, but also give them health. Doctors says children delivered naturally and those delivered by Caesarean operation often differ a lot, as many children are born with a fluid lung syndrome, which means that their lungs are still not ready to breathe on their own.

Most of the time, the newborn removed from mother in such a way badly adapt to the environment. This process becomes longer and more complicated, and scientists believes, it is connected with the fact that C-child has no stress hormone, which helps babies quickly adapt to external conditions, and produced in the process of natural childbirth.

There is also an opinion that children born unnaturally may have a yielding character and experience difficulties with independent decision-making. Sometimes they lack perseverance, ability to overcome problems. This is again undesirable for both parents and child in the complicated world.

Thus, the child comes ill to the new world and has to go through a long treatment.

Giving life to a new person is not a simple action even in this high-tech times and should not be taken as granted. Women also have to rehabilitate for a long time after such interference in the natural process. Moreover, pregnancy is inadvisable for two or even three years after such an operation.

The most dangerous side of cesarean surgery is children and maternal mortality.

To stop the trend, the cesarean surgery has been banned in Azerbaijan from 2013. So now, only a doctor, who has been observing a patient throughout pregnancy has the right to make a recommendation in the perinatal center, where the commission decides whether the baby will born naturally or through surgery.

This law is compulsory not only for the state medical facilities, but also for private hospitals, thus healthy woman without recommendations will be denied to make a cesarean surgery in public hospitals, and in private ones.

Many women are displeased with this decision, considering it offends their human rights. However, this law has exceptions for women who could not get pregnant for a long time.

Hopefully the decision will make stronger healthier and happier mothers and children in Azerbaijan.

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