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Armenia's policy conundrum in approach to its relations with Israel

5 July 2024 21:51 (UTC+04:00)
Armenia's policy conundrum in approach to its relations with Israel
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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Political relations are not always defined by regulation between heads of state and diplomatic representatives. National consciousness and ethnic aspects also play an important role here.

So, there is a question that worries Armenia deeply: Why is the relationship between Azerbaijan and Israel at a high level, while Armenia and Israel are non-Muslim countries?

It would be appropriate to clarify and answer this question in terms of ethnicity rather than religion. Because Israel, like other ethnic minorities, is a nation that has been living peacefully in the territories of Azerbaijan for hundreds of years. Friendship and partnership have always prevailed between Israel and Azerbaijan in both religious and cultural fields. The State of Israel, which always respects Azerbaijan's territorial integrity and sovereignty, has always been by Azerbaijan's side since independence and has comprehensively supported the country's political position.

Finally, in 2020, Israel's military support in the war, which resulted in the end of Armenia's policy of occupying Azerbaijani lands, embodied the unshakable unity of both countries once again.

Jealous of Israel's military support to Azerbaijan, Armenia has been looking for petty excuses to undermine the unbreakable union between the two countries for a long time. Even Israel's reaction to Armenia's recognition of Palestine's independence was commented ridiculously on one of the social media accounts. The commentary states that despite the fact that Armenia is among the other 144 countries that recognize the independence of Palestine, Israel's attitude towards this position of Armenia is irreconcilable. This comment is really like a naive confession of an innocent child. However, this exposes its hypocrisy, and its purpose to somehow restore relations with Israel against Azerbaijan.

Putting forward such an argument Armenians forgot the main nuance regarding the Armenian community, which causes panic in Israel every year. Moreover, a group of radicals who burned the Israeli flag and attacked synagogues are not Azerbaijanis. Probably, the Armenian protests in the Cow Garden, a quarter of Jerusalem, which results in destruction every time, is not out of attention.

This is still the smallest aspect of the matter...

Isn't a community that supports fascism and still celebrates the anniversary of the fascist Garegin Nzhdeh a threat to the state of Israel?

It should be recalled that in December 2023, a group of neo-Nazis in Armenia threatened Israel in front of the statue of Armenian fascist Garegin Nzhdeh. Following this harmful attempt, Israeli Ambassador to Armenia Yoel Lyon responded to this act through his tweet on X: "Glorification of Garegin Nzhdeh, a Nazi collaborator, is unacceptable and the authorities should take a firm stance against any form of neo-Nazism and anti - Semitism."
Even the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia called it an "internal issue" in its response to the issue. Therefore, support for fascism is an internal issue of the Armenian government. That is why this approach of Israel caused so much irritation of Armenia.

If you carefully consider all these processes, you can clearly see that there is no reason that could strengthen the relations between Israel and Armenia. Armenia's aggressive position towards Israel is neither related to the recognition of Palestine's independence nor Israel's military support to Azerbaijan in 2020. This is just a manifestation of the national consciousness arising from the ethnic origin, born from the heritage.


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