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Time reveals truth: Armenians who left Garabagh become exposed as not indigenous

19 May 2024 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
Time reveals truth: Armenians who left Garabagh become exposed as not indigenous
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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A few thousand Armenians who left Azerbaijan’s Garabagh with their own volition and moved to Yerevan are quite frisky and satisfied with their living conditions today. However, Armenia is trying to present it in a different form in the international arena just so as not to reveal that its past claims regarding Garabagh are groundless.

We are talking about two main points here: First, Armenia's desire to justify its territorial claims, that is, during the 30-year occupation period, its attempt to imagine itself as an indigenous rather than an occupying party.

The second issue is Armenia's intention to obtain refugee status before the UN. Although a group of Armenians who voluntarily moved from Garabagh to Yerevan did not leave a good impression on the Armenian authorities, it also has "positive aspects", which are Armenia's desire to snatch a treat in the world using the "refugee" status.

I wonder how the countries of the world feel about it? At least, how do the West and Europe, on which Armenia relies the most, accept this?

"As for Nagorno-Karabakh, we support families who had to leave their homes and who returned to Armenia. Hungary provided a lot of assistance to Armenia and these families."

Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Economic Relations of Hungary Peter Szijjártó said these words in a press statement.

There are even some hidden points in this statement of the Hungarian official. If attention is paid, it can be described in the following way: Armenians who by no force and by their own decision left Garabagh are quite satisfied with their current living conditions.

Through the expression "the Armenians returned to Armenia", the Hungarian Minister means they were not the indigenous inhabitants of Garabagh, which means the joy of the Armenians turned out to be premature, especially since they had to leave Azerbaijan's Garabagh, which means they were not deported or forced by anyone.
But what is the source of this joy in them?

The second Garabagh War was already a clear answer to all questions about the future of Garabagh. Moreover, in the last 30 years, even during the last chords of the Armenian occupation, people who were found guilty of many crimes were worried about living in the Azerbaijani territory, i.e., in Garabagh together with Azerbaijanis. Because the territories of Garabagh were witnesses of Armenian terrorism and crimes at all times.

Another issue was the refugees of Armenian origin who were brought there at the request of Yerevan without the right to live in Garabagh. This was Armenia's plan to create an artificial demographic indicator. However, statistical information about the original inhabitants of Garabagh has been available in the archives of Azerbaijan since the Soviet era. This shows that Armenia's attempt to falsify statistics would have been fruitless anyway. The Patriotic War did not leave a need for this; The Armenian population living illegally in Garabagh had to leave the territory very smoothly. Because this was the only way out for them to get rid of further accusations and criminal cases that were expected to open against them. For this reason, the Armenians who left Garabagh are living the most "prosperous period" in Yerevan today.


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