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Hiding behind clerics, Armenian opposition widens rifts between people and government

10 May 2024 12:26 (UTC+04:00)
Hiding behind clerics, Armenian opposition widens rifts between people and government
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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The emergence of a sharp and dramatic turn from religion to politics has caused noise in the streets of Yerevan for days. The figures who have gone bankrupt in politics for many years are trying to gather partners for themselves by taking refuge in the "charisma" of militaristic clerics like Bagrat Galstyan among some sections of Armenian society.

For the past few days, a very redundant group of opposition has come to light, creating artificial traffic jams on the roads and thereby trying to attract people around them. Meanwhile, former Armenian foreign ministers Vardan Oskanyan and Ara Ayvazyan, as well as the so-called ex-speaker of the so-called NK parliament Ashot Gulyan joined the action held by the Tavush community.

So, the real causes of the case are in sight. Bagrat Galstyan, playing with the people's faith, tirelessly came from Tavush to Yerevan to express his opposition-based protests against the incumbent government. This means slowing down the currently successful delimitation and demarcation process between Armenia and Azerbaijan, thereby supporting the plans of the former clan.

Armenia is indeed, facing a tough dilemma. To put it more bluntly, the country is facing the danger of religion and politics mixing like counter-reactive elements to cause an explosion in the country. The former Armenian leaders, the Karabakh clan, which had completely lost its confidence in the public and lost its hope in Russia, could not find another way.

Although Vardan Oskanyan once tried to get into the limelight around Pashinyan's rule, it was already stamped on him as the end of his time. Since Oskanyan feels that he cannot snatch a position from the current government, he is trying to realize his return to politics through religious people. His desire is not a safe future for Armenia, but simply to grasp the seat he craves for. However, for him, this is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

The so-called state dreams of Ashot, one of the elements of the so-called regime, which have gone to the dustbin of history, are not in the interests of any rational Armenian today. There is only one way to lead astray the Armenian society, which has been fed up with a long-time defeat and a policy promising nothing to them: to use their religious beliefs and ultimately destroy them. For this, there are archbishops with a military mindset like Bagrat Galstyan.

But why do religious people in Armenia have so much influence with the authorities?

The answer is not very complex. Their personal income and the fact that they have a hand in a fund specially created for churches, as well as shadow businesses, can interpret the crux of the matter. Some time ago, we clarified the issue, albeit briefly, in our article about the candle business of church monks under the rule of Catholicos Karekin II. That means they have bigger business opportunities. That is why the opposition of the Garabagh clan swarms around them like a fly gathers in blood.

If it wasn't like that, a few days ago, Bagrat Galstyan could not demand Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's resignation within an hour in the streets of Yerevan. How dare he do it with a bunch of people around him?
It is true, although his request remained unanswered; however, it was a step forward for the opposition. Because in the next attempt, the impeachment of Pashinyan was proposed in the parliament. Nevertheless, the question arises, who will closely lead this work? Bagrat or the pair of Kocharyan and Saryan who are the real actors triggering him from behind?

For this reason, it can be said that poor Galstyan does not even know what to do next. Because the political role assigned to him is only up to this point. After that, it is left to the greedy opposition, which aspires to power, and Bagrat is excluded from the game. It means that the country is being shaken again and this time it is being led towards a new scenario over the religious class. For the time being, the heroes of the main role are hiding behind the scenes...


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