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Iran-backed elements under guise of Islam attempt to smear Azerbaijan

29 April 2024 16:36 (UTC+04:00)
Iran-backed elements under guise of Islam attempt to smear Azerbaijan

By Faiq Feyziyev, AZERNEWS

Since its inception, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has played a paramount role in creating various disruptive policies and subversive movements in the Middle East and within Azerbaijan, the only Islamic country in the South Caucasus. The IRGC, also known as SEPAH, leads a number of other organisations and, due to its financial support, carries out anti-state provocations in the target countries, harmful propaganda, and propaganda that affects the public and national consciousness under the guise of religion.

One of them is the Islamic Resistance Movement in Azerbaijan. This illegal organisation, mostly referred to as Husayniyun, or Huseynchilar, is known as an Azerbaijani Shia Islamist armed group and socio-political movement. Backed by Iran, this was founded by Tovhid Ibrahimbeyli, who is wanted internationally for criminal acts.

An assault weapon in a clenched fist depicted on an ordinary piece of cloth is a symbol of various revolutionary, social, and political movements around the world. Although this organisation targets Azerbaijan in particular, it is no secret that it has connections with Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthis in Yemen, and other organisations.

The main goal of this organisation, which is generally formed against Azerbaijan, is to promote and spread Iran's dangerous policy under the guise of religion in the South Caucasus as well as in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq. After 2021, the organisation and its affiliated members were arrested in Azerbaijan, and the main management team fled to Iran and hid.

On the eve of the Second Karabakh War in 2020, Iran's dangerous policy towards Azerbaijan began to manifest itself precisely with the activation of those organisations. Iran had already started to worry about the progress in de-occupied Garabagh. In order to disrupt political stability and public order in the country, it was necessary to activate additional forces from within the country. Although Iran launched Plan B, it did not produce any serious results. Because the sprouts of such organisations, which have attempted coups in the country for a long time, did not escape the attention of the state.

Generally, the members of such organisations arrested in Azerbaijan are interpreted in different ways in Iran and other countries, but this has only one name: terrorist crime. Azerbaijan, which is an example of a sensitive approach to human rights, has not remained indifferent to the violation of the rights of any person due to either religious or political opinions in the country. Today, ethnic minorities and nationalities of all religions practice their religious beliefs freely in Azerbaijan. However, despite this, the independent Republic of Azerbaijan pays special attention to the activity of religious and political trends affecting public order within the country and takes necessary measures against them.

Unfortunately, some religious trends and organisations created in Iran go the extra mile to create sectarianism, Sunni, and Shia conflicts in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan creates ample conditions for those who believe in Islam, even Christianity, and many other beliefs. With such false slanders, the Hosseiniun organisation of Iran has decided to hold an action in the city of Gom against the Shia Muslims who are allegedly arrested in the country. However, such shows are not able to smear the reputation of Azerbaijan and its independent nation.

As for those arrested, they will have to answer to the state and the people of Azerbaijan for a lifetime.


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