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EU considers Armenia necessary to certain extent

10 February 2024 20:47 (UTC+04:00)
EU considers Armenia necessary to certain extent
Abbas Ganbay
Abbas Ganbay
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Armenian officials face apathy from European organisations in response to their allegations about Azerbaijan. And this is not because the European Union or the UN institutions support Azerbaijan, but because Armenia is no longer of interest to Western organisations. However, such "officials", who always try to show themselves as someone important and constantly want to attract the world's attention with various trivial excuses, play into the hands of the West. Having not been satisfied, they went extra mile to call Western countries impose sanctions against Azerbaijan

It became known that Armenia's Permanent Representative to the UN, Mher Margaryan, spoke at the session devoted to the annual report on the work of the organisation and the allocation of priorities for 2024.

In his speech, Margaryan referred to the threats and problems affecting the maintenance of international peace, development, and human rights, as well as the UN's ability to respond to the problems they face. He noted that member countries are compelled to note with deep concern that the Organisation has failed time and again to protect vulnerable communities facing existential threats, subtly alluding to the alleged "ethnic cleansing of the Armenians of Garabagh." It would be surprising if he did not mention it.

"The blockade and starvation of the population of "Nagorno-Karabakh", as well as the barbaric siege of its only vital transportation highway, which began in December 2022 and culminated in September 2023 with the use of lethal military action against innocent civilians, a planned ethnic cleansing that was gradually carried out under the supervision of the international community - is one clear example. This led to the mass forced displacement of the entire ethnic Armenian population, the enormous suffering inflicted on the civilian population, and, in fact, the most brazen and blatant violation of international law - including the very Charter of this Organization," the Permanent Representative said.

Margaryan, who has no understanding of truth and justice, but speaks enthusiastically on this topic, for some reason does not say a single word about the crimes committed against the civilian population in Garabagh 30 years ago. Undoubtedly, Margaryan, like every Armenian, does not speak this language and cannot even speak it. But history has always talked about it and will talk about it. Mosques used as pigsties in Garabagh, destroyed cultural monuments always talk about Armenian brutality. Even the soil can talk about Armenian vandalism. The mass graves found during the excavations in Askaran show the bitter history of innocent people who were killed about 30 years ago.

It is interesting that the UN and EU organizations, which immediately hear the words of the Armenians and respond, have not yet expressed a single opposing opinion about Armenia. On the contrary, Armenia has always been purposefully supported by some institutions of the European Union.

European Union officials did not consider it necessary to impose sanctions or any restrictions against Armenia due to massacres committed against Azerbaijanis in Khojaly, Askaran, Khojavand and other districts of Garabagh. But a simple appeal presented by Armenia without evidence is always immediately heard by European officials. This dual approach is still tops the agenda.

And what have they (the Armenians) been doing in the territories of Azerbaijan all this time? Have they built cities and laid out infrastructure? Armenians say that Azerbaijan destroyed cultural monuments of Armenians that were allegedly located on the territory of Garabagh, but since Azerbaijan liberated the occupied territories from the separatist regime, reality told a different story. Although falsifying history is a common thing according to the Armenian mentality, it is not so easy to convince the world about it. A fake historical monument by carving a cross on stones can only be a part of Armenian games. As for Margaryan raising the topic of ethnic cleansing and preemptively complaining to international organizations, it is clear that Yerevan is setting up a stage game.

The Armenian Permanent Representative to the UN complains about the unresponsiveness and inaction of these international structures.

He added, "This failure not only constitutes a violation of the fundamental principles based on which this Organization was established but also unambiguously means a serious departure from the internationally endorsed commitment to protect the population from atrocities, including genocides and ethnic cleansing."

If these "ethnic cleansings" were allegedly carried out as stated by the Permanent Representative, why did the report on the official website of the UN Mission after the anti-terrorist operation conducted by Azerbaijan on its territory not reveal a record of any violations?

In a nutshell, one issue can be noted that until now, Armenia has only tried to change the situation by using all kinds of excuses to slow down the peace process in the South Caucasus. They simply do not understand the fact that the West considers Armenia necessary to a certain extent.


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