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ANCA much frustrated as Canada okays arms sales to Turkiye

30 January 2024 15:47 (UTC+04:00)
ANCA much frustrated as Canada okays arms sales to Turkiye
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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Armenia remains in its ampoule and continues its traditional anti-Azerbaijani and anti-Turkish policies all over the world. Regardless of the power and influence of any state in front of it, it is able to accuse over trivial issues, whether it is appropriate or not.

This time, Armenia's lobbyist institution, the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA), which took root in America, strongly reacted to Canada's decision to lift the embargo on arms sales to Turkiye.

The Armenian National Committee of Canada reported that, after this decision, the entire Armenian society was seriously disturbed. Even ANCA, which does not recognise any rights or laws, stressed that this decision is a threat to "human rights and justice".

It is interesting how the cancellation of the ban on the sale of arms to Turkiye, which was enforced in 2019, by a developed country like Canada may pose a threat to human rights and justice.

In general, since the appearance of the concepts of Armenianism, serious and complex problems have arisen in the context of diplomatic and commercial relations between the countries. These problems particularly hang over European countries and the USA like a dark cloud. The question is, what privileges can ANCA rely on to put pressure on the Canadian government? How can such an institution try to dominate the management system of a country much bigger than itself?
The Committee calls on the Government of Canada to listen to the concerns of the Canadian Armenian community, civil society organisations, and human rights advocates.

No analysis can normally explain that Armenia is neither a member of NATO nor one of the leading states of Europe, but in stark contrast to its size, it tries to challenge the giant states with all its might. ANCA's more sensitive approach to every little issue than the official state institutions and its reactive position, especially on Turkiye and Azerbaijan, do not bring dividends for Yerevan. The institution forgets that the capital city of Armenian society, which it defends for every small issue, is located approximately 120 km from Azerbaijan's border.

The ANCA should also not worry that neither Azerbaijan nor Turkiye needs to spend billions of dollars on expensive weapons as much as Armenia. Azerbaijan's manpower alone means a large armoured vehicle, and the combat determination of one manpower is more flexible and powerful than the dozens of ATAGS (Towed Artillery Gun Systems) systems it has purchased from India.

This is not rhetoric, but the truth, and this truth was proven on the field exactly three years ago. As for the relations between Turkiye and Canada, the fact that Turkiye, which has a 72-year military experience in NATO, ranks second in terms of manpower in the alliance should arouse a sense of pride for the West. The inclusion of Sweden in the alliance with the consent of Turkiye can be considered one of the most important events for the West. Although the US delayed the official sale of F-16 fighter jets to Ankara for a long time, the deal was completed in favour of Turkiye.

Thus, the concept that the world is bigger than five is valid, and Turkiye, as well as Azerbaijan, stand out in the world due to their influence. Today, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe cannot get rid of the leverage of a group of Armenian lobbies, but in the end, Western and European organisations having concessions with Azerbaijan is not as imaginary as Armenia's dream of building a 'great army'. In politics, there is always displacement, and this means that factions are replaced by new ones.


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