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Why Western mouthpieces become more pro-Armenian than Armenians?

15 November 2023 16:45 (UTC+04:00)
Why Western mouthpieces become more pro-Armenian than Armenians?
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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The Garabagh problem is finally over, but Western politicians are faced with a new crisis syndrome: the so-called repatriation of a group of Armenians who voluntarily left Garabagh is what becomes a big concern for the western pro-Armenian politicians. The point is that as the laws are manifested, the West stimulates the emergence of a new conflict with its more aggressive attitude towards those laws.

Some pro-Armenian politicians from France, the United States, and Western countries tried to occupy the agenda by intensifying their rhetoric. But this time, what they wanted was not possible, and as usual, the failure was again in their destiny.

Luis Gabriel Moreno-Ocampo, who strains his throat every time due to the financial support he receives from the Armenian lobby, says that "putting pressure on Azerbaijan is not enough; we need to get Garabagh back". Ocampo, who once worked at the International Criminal Court, thinks that conquering Garabagh is as easy as drinking a sip of water for him and the lobbyists he defends. However, he does not think that sometimes even a sip of water, which they think is very simple, can get stuck in the throat. Just like on September 20, the Azerbaijan Army watered down the dreams of separatist lobbyists in less than 24 hours.

Ocampo knows the issue of crime very well because he himself witnessed and, who knows, participated in one of them during his time in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Middle East. The acquittal of political criminals who once threatened to bombard Azerbaijan's Ganja and Barda districts, burned people alive in Meshali village in 1992, and the one who was parachuted into Garabagh by the order of the West and with the mediation of Russia, and other political criminals like them, is unacceptable by law.

According to Ocampo, they are victims of genocide. It is interesting what or who the "genocide" mentioned by a deranged "law" expert is related to. Ocampo and even Adam Schiff, or, for that matter, all members of the senate, know very well that the last time the UN sent a representative to study the situation in Garabagh, it noted that no human rights had been violated. Then why do representatives of Armenian lobbyists come to this conclusion?

Matthew Miller, the spokesman for the US State Department, noted that Armenians living in Garabagh have the right to return. Mr. Mathew knows very well that Azerbaijan has been registering the residents who have the right to live in Garabagh for two months now, and once again, their citizenship rights have been restored according to both local and international laws.

A Californian member of the Senate, Adam Schiff, who does not understand what he says himself, is still talking about 120,000 Armenian refugees. I wonder if it is possible to believe every number that is roughly said on no legal basis. I do not believe that human rights should be protected under such a mechanism in American laws. But as for the thesis of Armenian lobbyists, these corrupt politicians receive more money, for which they go the extra mile to invent a story. Adam Schiff simply forgets to learn from his predecessors. He forgets that Robert Menendez used to love using those phrases very often, as did Armenian lobbyists. But he also faced a bad fate because he betrayed his love for some gifts.

While the total number of Armenians who left Garabagh did not exceed 20,000, exaggerating the number of 120,000 people should be considered a crime. If there is any evidence to support these figures, then let the so-called heroes confirm it according to their claims.

Luis Moreno Ocampo tries to show the leadership of Azerbaijan as corrupt, using the example of the former leader of Iraq, Saddam Hussein. But the question arises: for what interests does Ocampo love Armenians so much? I wonder what the force is that makes a person who is paid hourly for legal services so zealous for Armenians. If Ocampo had as much dignity and conscience as Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, he would not have made himself so cheap. Of course, the fact that a cheap politician like him does not deserve to even mention the name of the Azerbaijani leadership is a completely different matter.

Today, Armenia is silent, but Western politicians, bathed in the financial rain of Armenian lobbyists, play the role of mouthpiece. Azerbaijan lowered the voice of such mouthpieces long ago. Their voice is good for nothing but deafening their own ears. So, there is a message for them from Azerbaijan: look ahead; you still have a lot to see...


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