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French ambassador appears as master of disaster with EU mission in Armenia

19 October 2023 17:20 (UTC+04:00)
French ambassador appears as master of disaster with EU mission in Armenia
Abbas Ganbay
Abbas Ganbay
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Azerbaijan, which has been resorting to justice, intends to continue in this spirit, to restore the liberated territories, to continue the program of Great Return, to build infrastructure on the basis of green energy, to strengthen military power, and to increase the economy of the country. However, on the way to peace in the Caucasus and its implementation, we see all kinds of parasitic interference by pro-Western, pro-Armenian state institutions and their politicians, who, having been infected, try to transfer the disease to the Caucasus.

The ongoing epidemic of propaganda towards Azerbaijan has intensified and continues to spread. The great patriotic victory of Azerbaijan had a strong impact on the separatist regime, which did not want to solve the issue peacefully during the occupation and ethnic cleansing either during the occupation or after the defeats. Many of those involved in the genocide and forced displacement of the indigenous inhabitants of Azerbaijan have not denied and do not accept the guilt for what they did, but only claim their "right" to the territory they occupied with loud statements "Yes! We are invaders, we liked this land".

The parasite, having got into the victim, rearranges the internal system of the host, and changes its perception of life, adjusting everything to itself, where the victim, not realizing that it is a victim, will act based on the desires and needs of the parasite inside it. The same happens with the pro-Armenian West, having infected the masses with its disease.

Another propaganda of double standards infected the French Ambassador to Armenia Olivier Decotigny together with the EU mission, where they visited Istisu, renamed in Armenia as "Jermuk", blamed Azerbaijan's 'occupation of Armenian territory', which is therefore characteristic of the victim of the parasite in his behavior and unintelligible flow of words.

Unlike the real occupation of Azerbaijani lands by Armenia, which lasted until autumn 2020, here we are not talking about towns and villages. The border between Azerbaijan and Armenia is neither delimited nor demarcated.

This means that it has not yet been decided where Armenia ends and Azerbaijan begins. The need to delimit and demarcate borders was mentioned at the meeting in Prague attended by French President Emmanuel Macron. And if the borders are not clarified, it is incorrect to speak of "invasion" or "occupation".

When traveling to the "conventional" border, the Ambassador didn't know about the conditionality of the borders. And Armenia has not yet returned the remaining villages to Azerbaijan, which is another reason that the issue is still pending.

It is most likely that Ambassador Olivier Decatigny in a separate case continues the policy of France. To be more precise, he seeks to strengthen Paris' position in Armenia at the expense of Azerbaijan, including in such an issue as border delimitation

The unity of the "Crusaders" and the game of defectors, as Armenia thinks, is the only way to solve the conflict. The silence of European officials and their corrupt clans during the First Garabagh War is proof of that. Not a single power that had the means and power to prevent the massacre of Azerbaijanis did not come forward and stop what Armenians had done, its silence only confirmed its involvement in the massacre of the Azerbaijani population.

Everyone was already infected, and during the 33 occupation of the territories of Azerbaijan by Armenia, devilishness, genocide, and ecocide were committed, and one million internally displaced persons left their native lands. The task of terror on the Azerbaijani land was its realization, and it was not the will of this world.

Did Armenians, having slaughtered towns and villages, burning alive children and families, want to live there? Did you lack a place to live in Erivan? In 33 years did you irrigate the land? Increased livestock? Built cities? Grew forests? The ruins of destroyed mosques, cities, monuments, graves, as there were, so remained, and all the sacred places for the people of Azerbaijan and the Islamic world used for their barbaric purposes worshipping the "Goddess of Death and deceit", depleted the rich lands of Garabagh by foreign corporations, poisoned and are poisoning the rivers, again having given goodwill and worshipping the orders of "Crusaders", infected with parasites. Armenians were allowed to coexist on the territory of Azerbaijan knowing the Armenian history of bloodshed against the Turkic world.

Armenian journalist Berkin Sirajian, who published an article "Before the Offensive" in the local magazine "Frans Catholic - ekklesia" France, 12 March 1992, writes:

"I saw Khojaly with my own eyes. I admired the courage of the Artsakh people who fought for every inch of land. But I was not in favor of fighting for land in this way. I was afraid of homeless corpses piled on the snow, on the ice... I was afraid that because of this blood on the Azerbaijani side, tomorrow's generations will never be silent... Today the Russians are with us... and tomorrow? We may remain alone... On the other hand, I have no doubt that the flame in the eyes of my Armenian brothers who fought in Khojaly will not go out. This flame is the fire of the hearth, lit in the name of the land of the fatherland. Such fires never go out...".

France is the home of great men, but that didn't stop it from pursuing a policy of slavery. Millions of people were subjected to genocide at its hands.

In the end, what you sow, you reap.


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