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Western structures not shy to show their desire to maintain conflicts

13 October 2023 14:30 (UTC+04:00)
Western structures not shy to show their desire to maintain conflicts
Abbas Ganbay
Abbas Ganbay
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Western structures are not shy to show their desire to maintain conflicts and their aggravation under the thin thread of good and humanitarian intentions, while the growing conflicts around the world begin to engage and distract public attention. France, with the help of the alliance, seeks to arm Armenia to do its business for it, and despite refusing to impose sanctions on Azerbaijan in response to a request from pro-Armenian vassals in the EU, France is crossing the line.

A country that over the past few years has experienced disastrous yellow waistcoat rallies to combat economic recession and instability, the reason being President Macron's intention to raise the carbon tax on fuels, mainly diesel. The demands of the protesters soon expanded to a huge range of social, economic, and political demands. Soon anarchists in black, mostly of the younger generation of French people, began to join the harmless rally, leading to more clashes with the police and resulting in the burning of buildings, and cars, and injuries.

Among those openly supporting the movement was the familiar Marie Le Pen, who at the time of the separatist regime's propaganda about the alleged blockade of Khankendi supported the regime. The Anarchist movement was supported and paid for by the Soros Foundation to create chaos.

Anti-Islamic movements, religious strife, unleashing civil strife, etc. in France have taken place and continue to be promoted, and despite the huge political, social, and economic problems and the withdrawal of France's colonial policy from Africa, have not influenced the decision of the authorities.

After French statements about the decision to arm and supply Armenia, put forward by the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs Catherine Colonna, continues to pursue anti-Azerbaijani policy, during her speech in the Senate on 11 October.

Contrary to the reports of international organizations, as well as the statements of the Armenian Prime Minister of September 21, France is interested in continuing its insidious policy, where the statements of the French Minister about the allegedly planned eviction of Armenians from the Garabagh region of Azerbaijan, which in reality voluntarily left the regions without the use of force and accompanied by the humanitarian assistance of Azerbaijani services, are propagated.

The French authorities look with closed eyes at the massacres of Azerbaijani civilians committed by the separatist regime during the First Garabagh War and the Second Garabagh War. Did they provide assistance? Did they provide humanitarian aid?

Did they declare in the European Parliament and other structures the acts committed by terrorists? Did they fulfill the four resolutions of the UN Security Council demanding the liberation of the territories of Azerbaijan from occupation, as well as the unconditional withdrawal of all occupation troops and the return of IDPs to their native lands?

The fact is obvious. The personal hypocritical interest of the French authorities, who are united with Armenians by blood, is being pursued.

Accusations against Azerbaijan at the international level continue without shame and conscience, without moral statement at the plenary meeting of the 217th session of the Executive Board of the organization, where they accuse Azerbaijan of appropriation of medieval monasteries and destruction of Armenian traces, which is a lie, as all historical and sacred places were taken under the control and protection of the proper structures of Azerbaijan.

Again hypocrisy is in the face, where the minefields sown by Armenians and their underlings are not covered, as well as the destruction of historical, and cultural monuments, mosques, desecration of graves on the territory of Garabagh. For Armenians and the French, expecting such acts from Azerbaijan and the Islamic world will remain only in their spoilt imagination.

A few days ago, when the European Parliament wanted to discuss a package of sanctions against Azerbaijan, about 20 Ukrainian parliamentarians strongly opposed the issue and unanimously called the document against Azerbaijan groundless, preventing its adoption.

Soon after the failed attempts in the European Parliament, it became known that more than 2.5K Armenians "escaped" from Armenia, where Yerevan set the goal of their return and securing work in Armenia. Is this the intent? Since Paris is not calming down, and initiated a discussion in the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution that "will create conditions for the return of the Armenian population of Garabagh.

Armenians will not be able to stay in Garabagh, even after so many proposals to reintegrate Armenians into Azerbaijan, more than 95 people agreed to stay, but the rest remember the acts committed against Azerbaijanis and will not be able to live with it.

Mindless revanchists have appeared in Armenia

Meanwhile, propaganda with psyops operations on Armenians continues in Armenia, where the Hayakwe group started collecting signatures under a petition with the title "Garabagh will never be a part of Azerbaijan". The corresponding document was signed by 58K Armenians. Now the revanchists have submitted a draft law to the parliament, according to which criminal liability will be imposed for recognising Garabagh as Azerbaijani territory. And what to call it?

"We are aware of the number of non-governmental organizations that have been established in Armenia in recent years. These organizations are not created to promote friendly relations between Armenia and Russia, just the opposite. They are aimed at creating a ground for anti-Russian sentiments and preparing to promote the interests of the US, EU, and NATO." Sergey Lavrov stated.

To put pro-Armenian vassals in their place, it is important to know.

Under the peace agreement, the historical lands of Azerbaijan were divided between the two states. This peace agreement was the first stage of the partition of Azerbaijan between Russia and Iran. Documentary sources such as Gulistan (12 October 1813), Turkmenchay (10 February 1828) treaties between Russia and Iran, as well as the treaty on the transfer of Garabagh Khanate under Russian rule, signed on 14 May 1805 by Garabagh Khan Ibrahim-khan and the Russian Empire, are clear indicators that the empire occupied only Azerbaijani lands and then Armenians from Iran and Turkiye were resettled here. None of these documents mention Armenian holdings in Garabagh and their transfer to Russia.

A regime of terror is established in the occupied areas. Gendarmerie detachments of Dashnaks are formed by the French, who commit mass murders of the Turkish population. Allies officially discussed the project of the organization of "Great Armenia" from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea, including Cilicia and the eastern provinces of Turkiye, up to Trabzon (Trebizond). Dashnak gangs, slaughtered in some cases whole villages. This program of physical extermination of the Turkish population was carried out quite consciously under the leadership of the occupiers.


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