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Historian on Meshali massacre: Khachatryan was shouting with loudspeaker…

31 July 2023 19:30 (UTC+04:00)
Historian on Meshali massacre: Khachatryan was shouting with loudspeaker…
Rena Murshud
Rena Murshud
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There are many incompatible concepts in the world, one of which is the words Armenia and truth. Especially Armenia, which is a skilled master of fabricating false historical facts is known for its terrorist acts, genocides and ecocides, human butchering, merciless killings, and much more. What is interesting is that they have committed all these terrible acts not in their own lands, but in foreign lands and are still continuing.

Unfortunately, the notorious neighbor Armenia is neither ashamed of its position nor of its actions. On the contrary, they are proud of the crimes committed even by those whom they think are the smartest among them.

Armenians are also skilled masters in fabricating false historical facts and imposing lies on people as if they were true. They even manage to pretend to be innocent lambs, changing their murderous guise when necessary.

Although the Khojaly genocide is one of the most well-known tragedies in the world, many similar events in Garabagh have been included in the deep archives of history. For example, Meshali tragedy, which happened three months before Khojaly, can be mentioned as one of the most terrible events in human history.

In an interview with AZERNEWS, historian, associate professor Subhan Talibli emphasized a number of historical facts while talking about the tragic events in Meshali.

" Although the village of Meshali is much smaller than Khojaly in terms of territory and scale, the amount of damage to it, both materially and morally, was higher than the others. Killing 30 people and burning people (children, elderly and women) alive in their homes is considered inhumane in the true sense of the word. It was also clear from the latest investigations that the financial damage caused to Azerbaijan by the crimes committed in Meshali amounted to 5,496,900 manats," Talibli said.

The Meshali tragedy was investigated by the prosecutor's office of the Republic of Azerbaijan, criminal cases were initiated under various articles of the Criminal Code, evidence was collected, some guilty were identified and held accountable, fair court sentences were passed. According to the expert, a decision was made to bring 9 armed persons who committed the incidents as defendants, as well as to choose a measure of restraint in the form of arrest in absentia.

Speaking about the tragedy of Meshali, the expert also told us about the terrible memories of those eyewitnesses who lived through those horrific moments.

Ziyaddin Salmanov, a former policeman and resident of the village, who took part in the defense of the village during the events that took place in Meshali, the Armenians mercilessly killed the villagers before his eyes.

"My police colleagues Allahverdi and Ismayil were also brutally murdered at that time. Vagif Khachatryan was one of the leaders of those terror acts. He gathered his relatives and formed an armed group. As a policeman, I participated in battles as part of a self-defense detachment. I remember Khachatryan shouting in Azerbaijani through a loudspeaker: "We have surrounded the village, surrender." Uncle Qanimat was there, and they shot him in the head with a machine gun. Once in the village of Badara, Khachatryan wanted to burn us in his Niva car…" Ziyaddin Salmanov told.

Then talking about the terrible memories of another eyewitness whose name is Zamina Aliyeva, the expert also brought us back to Meshali history.

"In the village of Meshali, Khojaly region, the Armenians tortured and killed 5 members of the Novruzov family. Novruz Novruzov, his wife Adila Novruzova, his son and two daughters were killed on the same night. One of the survivors in Zamina’s family said that, after the murder of her family members, the Armenians tortured and burned the corpses. Although one of the sisters was shot in the heart, there were dozens of bullet holes in her leg. All of them were tortured. Armenians completely burned down our houses, farms by arson. Only Zamina survived by accident. The goal of the Armenians was to kill everyone who wanted to come and view the scene."

When considering recent events, it is clear that Armenians were the only witnesses to the crimes committed by them. They even destroyed the surviving captives so that there would be no living evidence for the future. But fortunately, the survivors today remember those events and even support the processes in criminal investigations.

Unfortunately, during the 30 years of occupation, Karabakh has always become a place of terrorism, genocide and sabotage in Armenia. Armenians who want to Syrianize those territories even received a lot of support from abroad.

"Both local and foreign media, scientific literature, Armenian army, etc. are connected with the first Karabakh war. Looking at the facts, it is clear that Armenia has had very strong support from Russia and some foreign forces. As the most obvious example of this is the support of the 366th regiment of Russia during the Khojaly and Garadaghly genocides which are also known to the local and international community," S.Talibli said.

It is enough for the Armenians, who always shout the so-called Armenian Genocide to the world, to remember the crimes they committed against Azerbaijani Turks together with their patrons in 1905, 1918, 1920, 1948, 1953 and 1988.

Although the facts, documents, and rights are on the side of Azerbaijan, unfortunately, they used the Armenian card and the Armenian factor against Azerbaijan and Turkiye from time to time. This policy continues today," the expert underlined.

In the end, the expert spoke about the extreme importance of presenting the truth about Armenian crimes to the world community. He noted that it is extremely important to rely on strong historical facts to convince the world of Armenian crimes.

"In my opinion, every Azerbaijani, regardless of his position or location, should always be active in bringing the truth about Azerbaijan to the world community, should always promote it, referring to international law, documents, facts, and sources," Subhan Talibli added.


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