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Provocations on Lachin road: separatists force civilians take to streets again

21 May 2023 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
Provocations on Lachin road: separatists force civilians take to streets again
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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In our previous article, we talked about the trio of Babayan, Arutunyan and Vardanyan. In fact, the show will not end until the influence of these three vagabonds ends once and for all in Karabakh, more precisely they are kicked out of the territories where the Armenian minority lives. Yes, that's the show.

The other day, a group of Armenian minority, fed by the fictitious stories of the separatists, lost their way again, marched towards the checkpoint on the Lachin road with a so-called flag and slogans in their hands and put forward absurd demands. This class of people, who do not even know what they want, has undoubtedly taken this step based on the dictates of the separatist trio.

It seems that the Armenian society still tirelessly receive orders from someone and do not feel yet exhausted of acting on some empty words of such misrable ones. Let's note once again that when the checkpoint on the Lachin road just started to operate, video footage of the progress of work there were presented by the State Border Service of Azerbaijan. Those footage clearly showed that Armenian civilians living in Karabakh were allowed in the Azerbaijani territory or vice versa after a routine check. In general, the checkpoint set up on the road to Lachin is not intended to prevent civilians going to Karabakh or wanting to cross from Karabakh to Armenia. It should be recalled that the establishment of that checkpoint is aimed at preventing illegal and non-civil transportation and most importantly some terrorist acts, plots, provocations, etc. It can be clearly emphasized that until the checkpoint was established on the Lachin road, the couple, the leaders of the separatists, Vardanyan and Harutunyan, repeatedly entered Karabakh in disguise or in female garments.

Azerbaijan's problem is not with the 30,000 Armenians living in misery in Karabakh, but with the separatist leaders who keep them under the yoke and turn them against Azerbaijan. How does it happen that a criminal called Babayan, gathers a group of people on the streets in Azerbaijan's Khankendi, says that he is separate from Yerevan, but causes chaos inside Armenia.

It is interesting that separatists, who are the source of disaster, always create such chaos on the eve of joint meetings between Azerbaijan and Armenia whether with the participation of Europe or Russia. The next meeting between the leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia is expected to take place in Moscow on May 25. As much as the Brussels meeting was memorable and important, it also shook the separatists a lot. It seems that Babayan and Harutunyan, who is walking in his shadow, are very afraid of receiving the next blow.

However, it is necessary to tell the separatist trio once again that the situation in the region has changed. Their era is long gone. Currently, both Russia and the West reckon with Azerbaijan and acknowledge that it is a leading state in the South Caucasus. Azerbaijan has complete control over its territorial integrity and will not allow the creation of any so-called state within it. Although Pashinyan understands this, the separatist leaders, who are still barking about the so-called Nagorno-Karabakh claim, cannot abandon their evil deeds. They need to understand that there is no end to this for them, and with this kind of chaos, they are only dragging civilians into the abyss with them.


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