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EU mission group arming Armenia intends to turn S Caucasus into Syria [VIDEO]

1 October 2023 15:00 (UTC+04:00)
EU mission group arming Armenia intends to turn S Caucasus into Syria [VIDEO]
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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After the end of separatism in Garabagh, Armenia and its patrons began to resort to provocations that would ignite the next war. Before that, Armenia, which tried to create provocations and sabotages around Lachin under the false testimony of the European Union mission group, in the name of humanitarian aid, this time started to cause joint provocations in the assassination of the Azerbaijani soldier.

Thus, the EU mission came to the conventional borders of Armenia and Azerbaijan and allegedly started monitoring there. However, yesterday, a sniper of the Armenian armed forces martyred an Azerbaijani soldier by shooting him from the point that the mission group is standing right now. And in order not to allow Azerbaijan to respond to this provocation, the mission group keeps standing at the firing point of Armenia.

It should be noted that the EU mission group supposedly fulfills the obligation to ensure peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the future by conducting monitoring in the territory of Armenia, as well as to promote the border delimitation and demarcation process. However, the representatives of the mission have not taken any measures regarding peace and negotiations, on the contrary, they have repeatedly made unfair accusations against Azerbaijan when separatism was yet existed in Azerbaijan's Garabagh economic region.

Undoubtedly, this action of Armenia and the EU mission group supporting them is clearly defending terrorism. This also clearly shows that the EU and its mission group sent to the South Caucasus under the guise of "peace" are directly supporting the process of arming Armenia. Such a move by the EU aims to turn both Armenia and the South Caucasus region into a second Ukraine and Syria.

Far from peace and constructiveness, Armenia once again shows that it is a tool in the hands of the Western forces and that it is the party that wants at least a passive war to continue in the region.


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