Prominent Azeri artist`s exhibition opens in Berlin

An exhibition of outstanding Azerbaijani artist Ashraf Heybatov opened in Berlin on Monday.

The exhibition, which runs until the end of July, includes 30 paintings featuring views of the Caspian Sea and colorful flowers.

Heybatov is a member of the UNESCO International Federation of Artists and Russia`s Union of Artists. In 1997 Heybatov founded Azerbaijani cultural society ``Baku`` in Mainz. He is the first and the only Azerbaijani artist whose art works have been exhibited at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Presidential Palace of Romania, NATO Headquarters, the Royal Palace of Jordan, the Residence of the Duke of Luxembourg, the palace of the Vatican`s office, as well as in prestigious salons of Malta. In addition, an exhibition of Heybatov`s art works on biblical themes has been held with the support of Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

Heybatov is the author of many outstanding paintings and murals, painted on various topics. One of them, entitled ``September 11``, was handed personally to the mayor of New York. And his famous mural called ``January 20 - Baku`` is kept at the Museum of Azerbaijan`s Independence.

``The Turkic world`` is one of the main trends in the work of Heybatov. He is also the author of the portraits of the Pope, Angela Merkel and Gunter Grass.

Heybatov does not sell his paintings and only gives them to museums and art lovers as gifts.