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Kazakhstan diversifies fish exports to Europe, CIS

18 September 2015 12:01 (UTC+04:00)
Kazakhstan diversifies fish exports to Europe, CIS

By Vusala Abbasova

Kazakhstan increased the volume of fish production in order to diversify its export supplies to the European and CIS countries.

The Kazakh company on the fish production in the Atyrau region has recently signed agreements with their partners from Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Georgia, and France to prevent the possible large losses.

The current instable economic situation and as a result the ruble decline has significantly influenced on the export of fish from Kazakhstan.

The company exported about 2,000 tons of dried or frozen carp, bream, roach, pike, catfish, and pike-perch fillet over the previous year, but now this figure has double decreased.

After the ruble decline, the Russia partners offered the same price for the fish as it was before the crisis, said Zhanna Gaisina, Chief Technologist of the production cooperative.

She explained that 1,000 rubles were brought 5,000 tenge to the budget of the cooperative, but after devaluation the same amount will bring less than 3,000 tenge.

As this is unprofitable for the cooperative, it was decided to diversify the export of the fish production to another countries.

Gaisina added that due to additional profits received from changing of the exchange rate of tenge, the company will construct a new facility on fish drying, which will be able to dry fish all year round. This will significantly increase the volume of production, as well as influence the competitiveness of the company.

Furthermore, the company plans to construct a new canning plant.

In order to exceed its the marine fishing, the company plans to buy new ships-tugboats-which is adapted for swimming in the river.

The Kazakh company on the fish production in the Atyrau region with existing 12 river ships intends to procure 3,000 tonnes of fish. Fishing is carried out in five areas.

Generally, as many as 700 persons are working in the company, 200 of which are working on a regular basis.


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