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Turkish manufacturer Karmod stresses safety over cost in prefabricated home manufacturing

24 April 2024 22:28 (UTC+04:00)
Turkish manufacturer Karmod stresses safety over cost in prefabricated home manufacturing

Turkish building manufacturer Karmod said on Wednesday that security concerns should outweigh price considerations when purchasing prefabricated homes, Azernews reports, citing Anadolu Agency.

"Price is an important factor, but it should not compromise the safety and durability of the home," Karmod Sales Director Ozay Kemal Karakucuk said, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing the structural integrity and safety features of prefabricated homes.

He warned that cheaper materials could lead to serious safety risks, especially concerning the structural support systems such as steel beams used in construction.

Karakucuk advised buyers to prioritize manufacturers known for their rigorous safety standards and high-quality materials.

"Selecting a reputable manufacturer is crucial. A well-constructed home that adheres to safety standards offers not just shelter, but security," he added, pointing to the importance of post-sales services.

Karakucuk further explained that the variation in prices among prefabricated homes often reflects differences in material quality and adherence to production standards.

"The low prices offered by some manufacturers can be tempting, but they may result in homes that are structurally unsound and potentially hazardous," he cautioned.

He urged potential homeowners to ensure their chosen home meets structural stability standards and to scrutinize the materials used in walls, roofs, and support structures.

"Features such as the electrical system, windows, and insulation should meet local and international certified safety standards set by TSE and ISO," said Karakucuk.

He also highlighted the importance of considering the climatic conditions of the area where the home will be installed.

"The manufacturer must possess expertise in the climatic conditions relevant to the home's location, such as snow load, humidity, rainfall, and wind, and should be equipped with the necessary technical tools," he said.


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