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UNECE unveils work schedule to improve industrial safety in Central Asia

2 January 2023 22:13 (UTC+04:00)
UNECE unveils work schedule to improve industrial safety in Central Asia

UNECE is currently carrying out several industrial safety projects in Central Asia, which will still be in progress in 2023, Azernews reports per Secretary of the UNECE’s Convention on the Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents Franziska Hirsch.

The Industrial Accidents Convention's new work plan for 2023–2024 included the following activities in its assistance and cooperation program:

1) National Policy Dialogues (NPDs) for industrial safety in Central Asia;

2) Developing joint measures to prevent and respond to pollution in the Syr Darya River basin (Phase II);

3) Supporting Central Asian countries’ efforts to strengthen policies and governance for the safety of tailings management facilities, including integrating climate change impacts into Natech risk management - subject to availability of the funds.

UNECE has reviewed national policies and legislation pertaining to industrial safety in five Central Asian countries as part of the "National Policy Dialogues for Industrial Safety in Central Asia (Phase I: Launch)" initiative, which was launched in 2020.

"These reports reflect the current situation and suggest recommendations to the national authorities on how to better align the national legislation with the Convention’s requirements to enhance the implementation of the Convention on Industrial Accidents and strengthen the policy linkages and coherence regarding industrial safety," Hirsch said.

Notably, UNECE has actively backed improving tailings safety and governance in Central Asia, as well as disaster risk governance and the management of multi-hazard risks, including risks from risky industrial activities and risks from technological accidents brought on by natural hazards.


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