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Turkish tank pallet factory's annual production totals $40m

23 November 2021 14:57 (UTC+04:00)
Turkish tank pallet factory's annual production totals $40m

By Vugar Khalilov

Turkey’s Tank Pallet Factory's annual production has totaled $40 million, Yeni Shafak has reported.

Turkey’s National Defence Ministry paid approximately $40 million to the company for the goods and services that the factory provided by September 2019.

The first Main Maintenance Factory Directorate in Sakarya Arifiye (also known as Tank Pallet Factory) worked nonstop to meet the needs of the Turkish armed forces.

Along with the howitzer production, the factory also is also developing the national Altay Tank, the report added.

After the factory’s transfer to the private sector, six new-generation Firtina (Hurricane) howitzers, one of the important fire support elements of the Turkish military, were produced in a year.

Moreover, 7,051 classical optical materials were produced, as well as, engines for 319 tanks and howitzers were renewed by the factory. Additionally, 1,708 tracked vehicle sub-complete materials were repaired during the mentioned period.

Some 412,271 pallets, pads and carrier wheels and 23,511 calibration activities were carried out in the factory, as well.

The factory is planning the serial production of the national Altay tank. The National Defence Ministry and the Presidency of Defence Industries are conducting feverish studies on the production and supply of engines and transmissions, testing all possibilities. Contacts with all engine-producing countries and companies have become more frequent.

Furthermore, the National Defence Ministry has invested $50 million in maintenance, repair, renewal and manufacturing activities, which brings new capabilities to the factory

The company allocated to the factory over $3.4 million dollars from $14 million-dollar investment plan for 2020-2024 under the National Defence Ministry.

In line with the privatization of the factory on December 20, 2018, the production was completely transferred to the private sector management. However, the National Defence Ministry is involved in the control and inspection activities in the factory.

Some 100 military delegates, including engineers, are actively involved in the control and supervision of the production process at the factory. Production plans, technical follow-ups and acceptance tests are carried out by this team.


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