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Demographic situation to be further improved

24 February 2014 09:45 (UTC+04:00)
Demographic situation to be further improved

By Jamila Babayeva

Azerbaijan develops state program for the development of demography and population growth for 2014-2025.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection has developed a draft project for a state program based on the proposals of state bodies and local executive authorities. The state program envisages direction and measures on the development of this sector over the next 10 years.

A draft state program will be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers soon.

The state program is developed within the Development Concept "Azerbaijan 2020: A look into the Future", which Azerbaijani President approved on December 2012. The Development Concept covers the main strategic goals of development policy in all areas of life in the country, and it will be realized through state programs.

The Azerbaijani population exceeded 9,477 million people as of January 1, 2014, which is 120,600 people (or 1.3 percent) more compared to the beginning of 2013, the State Statistics Committee reported. Some 49.7 percent of the population is male, 50.3 percent - women.

Some 53.2 percent of the people live in urban areas and 46.8 percent reside in the regions of the country.

The fertility rate has increased from 13.9 parts per million (ppm) to 18.6 ppm, and the mortality rate has decreased from 6.0 ppm to 5.9 ppm over the past 10 years.

The natural population increased from 7.9 ppm to 12.7 ppm, which is the highest among European countries.

The number of births exceeded the number of deaths by 118,3 thousand in 2013. Some 172.6 thousand people were born for a year, 53.4 percent which are boys, 46.4 percent girls.

Some 54.3 thousand people died in 2013. Some 86.9 thousand marriages were registered, while the number of divorces was 11.7 thousand.

Azerbaijani experts explain the current fertility rate with the stable economic situation in the country, which gives the citizens planning additions to the family a sense of stability and good social wellbeing.

Baby-boom tendency has fundamental bases. The development of infrastructure and modernization of health facilities, improving the quality of medical services play an important role in infant mortality reduction. Seven modern perinatal centers operate in the country in addition to maternity hospitals. The Azerbaijani government spent more than 200 million manats for the implementation of various programs in health sector. These all together has created a good social being in Azerbaijani society. The improvement of the demographic situation indicates people's greater confidence in the future.

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