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Azerbaijan increases production of defense industry goods

25 October 2013 15:40 (UTC+04:00)
Azerbaijan increases production of defense industry goods

By Aynur Jafarova

The total output of defense goods in the three quarters of 2013 has increased by 2.5 times compared to last year, while the output of defense industry products shows an increase of 2.8 times.

This fact was stated at a field board meeting dedicated to the results of the three quarters of 2013, which was held at the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry on October 24. The meeting, chaired by Defense Industry Minister Yavar Jamalov, covered the production issue, the results of financial and business activities, and future prospects.

In this period, the production of civilian goods increased by 41 percent. The products for defense and special purposes accounted for 85 percent of the output, while the products for civilian use accounted for 15 percent. The range of defense products has surpassed 750 items.

The ministry's enterprises continue to implement the measures planned for 2013, and the defense industry products have been delivered to the customers under the contracts signed with the country's security forces. Also, efforts to increase the production of civilian goods continue.

According to the production plan for 2013, the ministry's enterprises initiated research and constructive works, covering 70 topics and 208 stages while the ministry's research institute carries out successful researches and constructive activities on 10 topics by the government's order.

ADEX-2014, the international defense industry exhibition which will be held in Azerbaijan in 2014, was also discussed in the meeting, and it was noted that the first meeting of the exhibition's organizing committee was held.

Defense and civilian products that were produced by the ministry's enterprises were demonstrated in the "Azerbaijan over 10 Years" exhibition, which was held in Baku from September 15 to October 17. Products presented at the show were met with great interest.

The meeting heard reports of the heads of associations and enterprises.

Jamalov appreciated the work accomplished during this period. The minister asked the heads of associations and enterprises to fulfill the assignments given by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev for the development of the defense industry.

Azerbaijan is strengthening its military power and defense capabilities on a yearly basis. The establishment of the Ministry of Defense Industry has been instrumental in strengthening the defense potential of the country.

Production of defense industry goods in Azerbaijan surged more than eight-fold in 2005-2013.

The Defense Industry Ministry has created a new post-patrol Gurza machine, equipped with two 7.62 mm caliber weapons, one 12.7 mm caliber machine gun, a new 7.62 x 51mm caliber sniper rifle that meets NATO standards, and a machine gun designed for use in special military operations.

Furthermore, a new reconnaissance vehicle has been produced. This machine is equipped with a 23 mm caliber canon, a 7.62 mm caliber twin machine gun mount, an AQ-17 grenade launcher and other military equipment.

Machine guns, mortar launchers, Zafar-K pistols, AK-74M submachine guns, battle and signal bullets, hand grenades, anti-tank and anti-personnel mines, firearms, and spare parts for armored vehicles are among the goods produced and delivered to the customers.

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