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Central E-Library system to be implemented in Azerbaijan

14 February 2013 15:53 (UTC+04:00)
Central E-Library system to be implemented in Azerbaijan

Automated Library Information System of Azerbaijan (ALISA) was developed with the corresponding order of the Culture and Tourism Ministry of Azerbaijan.

Various scattered library systems is implementing in Azerbaijan at the moment and there is no integration and standard approach among these systems. It was the main purpose to create the Unit Centralized Library Information system by the means of the latest technologies which allow to automatize and simplifiy library processes and reader-library relations and to integrate with other world library systems.

The Unit Centralized Library Information system conditional consists of two parts.

The part opened for the public - The Unit Centralized Library portal and administrative, software part considered for internal use. All elements of the system have been developed by Ultra on the latest Oracle platform.

This system is already realized within the pilot project in three Baku district's central libraries - Khatai CLS, Narimanov CLS and Sabail CLS.

During the ALISA system implementation that has easy interface for user, Ultra company's experts collaborate with the libraries closely, the trainings are conducted to the library employees and during the implementation the complete support is fulfilled.

The world's most advanced library systems experience was profited in the process of the system development and it was developed together with the library expert team.

ALISA system is the web based system which was developed with the implementation of the latest technologies.

The system represents all functions in itself for complete automation of any national, private, university, school library processes and it was built on MARC21, ISO2709, UNICODE, Z3950 and other standard and protocols.

ALISA system as a complex project completely automates the control system, internal library processes and library-reader relations and makes it possible to create necessary environment for all these automation processes. So any reader without coming to the library selects any library and get registered, then he comes to the corresponding library and gets reader card - he can use this plastic card in all libraries, he can order online and reserve any publication and coming to the library he orders the reserved publication, he follows the order status in the electronic queue monitor, he takes the order, when he gives back the order, he returns the book to the library by means of the special library equipments.

The management of the library can see any report about internal processes of the library. The Culture and Tourism Ministry controls all libraries and can get any report.

This step that was taken to develop the Azerbaijan library system and will allow the country's library system to integrate with the worlds library systems.

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