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Azerbaijan attaches importance to collaboration in Caspian and Black Sea regions - official

6 November 2012 16:48 (UTC+04:00)
Azerbaijan attaches importance to collaboration in Caspian and Black Sea regions - official

Azerbaijan attaches great importance to international cooperation in the Caspian and Black Sea regions, Deputy Foreign Minister Khalaf Khalafov said at the 16th council meeting of the Black Sea International Ship Owners Association (BINSA) on Tuesday.

He added that transporting energy resources from the Caspian region plays an important role in this cooperation.

"Transportation issues must be resolved," he said. "This means relations between the ports on the Caspian and Black Seas are very important. Creating favorable conditions for the companies and the ships is essential for the implementation of these plans. Therefore, Azerbaijan calls on all ports on both seas to create favorable conditions for collaboration."

Cargo volumes are growing, meaning the ports and shipping companies must be prepared for these challenges.

He added that ensuring the security of transported goods is also important. All these issues require an integrated approach.

He added that all these projects will serve improve the well-being of the peoples of the region.

Caspian littoral countries attach great importance to transportation issues, he said. Despite the fact that the status of the Caspian Sea has been discussed for many years, the transportation components have never been the subject of controversy in negotiations between the Caspian countries.

"The Caspian countries want to develop maritime trade and shipping and the governments of all five countries are contributing to this," he said.

"The Black Sea is very important to Azerbaijan. We will cooperate and support the companies that operate in the Black Sea basin," he added.

BINSA is an international non-governmental organisation working in the maritime industry. It has rich experience in organising the interaction of large shipping companies, developing organised structures and furthering good relations with the port, shipbuilding and ship repair organisations.

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