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Russia's pro-Armenian Zatulin caught in tangled net of politics

31 May 2024 20:18 (UTC+04:00)
Russia's pro-Armenian Zatulin caught in tangled net of politics

By Farman Aydin, AZERNEWS

It is unfortunate to say that many forces in the Russian State Duma are worried about the progress towards peace in Armenian-Azerbaijani relations. Konstantin Fyodorovich Zatulin, who repeatedly supported the separatist elements involved in the crimes in Garabagh in his speeches and always did not back down from his biased position against Azerbaijan, is one of them. Although he went into hibernation mode for a long time, in recent days he appeared on the headlines again with his empty and incoherent comments on regional issues because he was very much worried about the positive trend emerging in the peace process.

Today, there is no excuse or means left for Zatulin to ignite the conflict and slow down the negotiation process. The time for him and other anti-peace and anti-Azerbaijani-spirited rhetoricians like him is long over. However, this politician, who was resurrected in the political arena, continues to toxicate the environment with his venomous speeches.

Zatulin, in addition to embodying some nasty characters, is also a skilled liar. This talent was genetically transferred to him from the Armenian separatists, whom he constantly defended. Although it is not yet known what gender he carries in his blood, some of Zatulin's behavior reflects more separatist Armenian symptoms. This biased politician, who could not find any valid excuse, started interfering in the issue of the "churches" which is topical in Armenia.

It should be recalled that during the occupation, Armenians built several churches in the territories of Azerbaijan with the desire to create artificial historical monuments. It has been confirmed by historians that some of those churches belong to ancient Albanian churches. Other fake churches were completely demolished. Despite this, the Armenian lobby has begun to discuss the issue on a global scale to further escalate the post-conflict in the region. The Armenian lobby, which claims that these churches were vandalized, based on the photo images of various types of satellite maps, is still trying to draw the attention of conflict enthusiasts like Zatulin to the region by exaggerating the issue. This was not a successful step. It just caused some activation of harmful elements against the region.

The ongoing processes in Armenia are clear to everyone. On the one hand, there is the church, and on the other hand, the former clan members and former leaders of Armenia hiding behind them - figures accused of crimes, such as Robert Kocharyan and Serzh Sargsyan.

Zatulin's provocative views against Azerbaijan at the 6th meeting of the Lazarev Club in Moscow directly exposed his position. He claims that Azerbaijan allegedly "Albanizes" Armenian churches. Although he does not know exactly about it, and acts according to the instructions he received, the decisions made by Azerbaijan in its sovereign territories are "crimes". That is, according to Zatulin, the decision made by Azerbaijan on the historicity of a fake church is considered illegal. By disrespecting international law, Zatulin just shows his ignorance and also contradicts the principles of mutual relations between Russia and Azerbaijan. In addition to ignoring the position of the Russian state towards Azerbaijan, he also tries to undermine the stability in the South Caucasus.

Does Zatulin not know how many Russians, Armenians, and thousands of ethnic minorities live in peace in Azerbaijan?

Zatulin is just looking for a topic with the meager numbers presented by the Armenians. However, the real issue is the atrocities committed by Armenians in Garabagh for 30 years, turning mosques into piggeries and cattle sheds and destroying historical monuments. He continues the same political course as the pro-Armenian Western, particularly French politicians with sick imaginations. However, he forgets that being in such a position and against Azerbaijan has not yet benefited anyone in the political realm. It is clear that the blind eye of his insight made him get stuck in the tangled web of politics and forget that one day he will disappear from the world of politics like the ones before him.


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