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Diaspora representatives: "We always wish to see Ilham Aliyev as President"

2 February 2024 23:22 (UTC+04:00)
Diaspora representatives: "We always wish to see Ilham Aliyev as President"

As the snap presidential elections to be held in Azerbaijan on February 7, 2024, are approaching, our compatriots living in different countries of the world are announcing their positions on the elections.

Our compatriots living in different countries created on the Facebook social network "WE - Continue the Victory Road!" through the platform, they invite the Azerbaijanis of the world to be active in the elections, demonstrating national unity.

Amir Ali Sardari, a descendant of the Iravan khans living in Germany, said that he supports the candidacy of President Ilham Aliyev in the upcoming elections, appreciates his services for the development of Azerbaijan and the determination he has shown in solving fateful issues, that under the leadership of the victorious Supreme Commander, Azerbaijan will continue to develop and reach new heights. He expressed his confidence that he will win: "I want to say that, in addition to supporting you, I am actively participating in conversations with the communities and working to gain additional support for your election campaign."

In the Coordination Council of Azerbaijanis, living in the United Kingdom, he strongly supported Ilham Aliyev's candidacy in the extraordinary presidential elections to be held on February 7. "Ilham Aliyev is the most ideal candidate who brings continuous achievements to Azerbaijan and leads the country to a brighter future with his high qualities and unparalleled services to the state and people."

Shmuel Siman Tov, chief rabbi of the Mountainous Jews of Tel Aviv, said that the Azerbaijani diaspora living in Israel always wishes to see Ilham Aliyev as the President: "Thanks to you, we experienced the most glorious days in the history of Azerbaijan. We are always grateful to you for giving us this pride!"

Yegane Jafarova, head and teacher of the Azerbaijani language class of the Foreign Languages Division of the Toronto City Education Center of Canada, wrote that as representatives of the diaspora, who are always loyal to the state of Azerbaijan and its policies, they work tirelessly on this path, guided by the recommendations made by President Ilham Aliyev at the V (Victory) Congress of World Azerbaijanis: " I am firmly convinced that you are the only candidate who ensures that our country lives in peace and works for the welfare and prosperity of our people. As the winning leader of the winning people, I wish you victory in the elections to be held on February 7."

Director of Leader Media Organization of Georgia and news portal Azer Mammadov noted that Ilham Aliyev's policy has brought pride to our people, as well as to our compatriots living in the world: "You, as a victorious leader, led the liberation of the lands of Azerbaijan for 44 days, a historical leader. You are forever etched in our memories. We support you in the upcoming extraordinary presidential elections and look forward to witnessing your successful victory again."

Azeri Youth Organization operating in Riga, Latvia, has decided to support the candidacy of Ilham Heydar oglu Aliyev in the February 7 elections. The head of the organization, Amil Salimov, said: "You signed one of the most glorious pages of our country's history, and as the victorious Commander-in-Chief, you succeeded in liberating all the lands of Azerbaijan from occupation. We invite every fellow countryman who has the right to vote to support your candidacy in the presidential elections on February 7. The continuation of your leadership means that there will be an even stronger and more prosperous life in our country."

Vasif Aliyev, a judo coach living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, stressed that his trust in Ilham Aliyev is unshakable: "We are sure that you are the guarantor of preserving the independence of Azerbaijan, the sovereignty and prosperity of our people. I wish you victory in the upcoming presidential elections and success of Azerbaijan in the upcoming Olympic Games under your leadership. I want to be a witness."

The video appeals of our compatriots on the BİZ platform can be watched through the following link:


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