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All Armenian leaders are as evil as Hitler

25 July 2023 13:40 (UTC+04:00)
All Armenian leaders are as evil as Hitler
Qabil Ashirov
Qabil Ashirov
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Reading the interview of Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan with Agence France Presse (AFP), some could think that either Nikol Pashinyan suffers from amnesia or he wraps the world to his little finger. The interview can be commented on with one phrase – crossing a line. Pashinyan’s effrontery extended to such a degree that he dared to compare Azerbaijan with Nazis. It seems the PM forgot the atrocities and mass killings conducted by Armenians against local Azerbaijanis in Karabakh during the First Karabakh War. It should be mentioned that Armenians expelled over one million people from their hometowns, but the Nazis did not do it. Unlike the Armenian leader, Hitler never called locals a political tool that needed to get rid of. Strictly speaking, Armenian leaders are as evil as Hitler who committed a holocaust in the history. The Armenian leaders, who were not far behind the nazist Hitler, put the holocaust of the South Caucasus down in the history.

Armenian politicians and intellectuals shamelessly accuse Azerbaijan of ethnic cleansing by turning a blind eye to the fact that over 30,000 thousand Armenians, including the sister of former Armenian Defense Minister Harutyunyan, live in Azerbaijan. Besides, as is known, during the 44-day War all Armenians led by Arayik Harutyunyan, the leader of separatist clique in Khankendi, fled from Karabakh. However, Azerbaijan allowed these people to return to Karabakh. Moreover, Azerbaijan permitted the Armenian minority in Karabakh to visit the Khudavang monastery built by Albans in the middle ages. For comparison, Armenians expelled all people with different origins in Karabakh in the 1990s, never allowed them to return, systematically destroyed Azerbaijani cultural heritages, turned Azerbaijani mosques into animal stalls, and demolished the Russian Orthodox Church in the then-occupied territories.

Needless to say that if Azerbaijan ever intended to do ethnic cleansing, it would never allowed them to return back. So, the accusation of ethnic cleansing is a fairy tale made up by Armenians.

The brazenness of Nikol Pashinyan is not limited to the above-mentioned in the interview. He exaggerated the situation in Khankendi as if people are starving there. However, the leader of the separatists Arayik Harutyunyan suffers from overweight, and the so-called "minister of state" Gurgen Nersisyan suffers from obesity.

Besides, complying with the commitments of the 10 November Statement, after the 44-day war, Azerbaijan allowed Armenians to use the Lachin-Khankendi road for humanitarian purposes. It is worth noting that in accordance with the 9 November Statement, Armenia also took commitments to open Zangazur Road, but unlike Azerbaijan, it has never fulfilled this obligation. Over and above, the separatist clique tried to take advantage of Azerbaijan’s goodwill to smuggle lethal weapons. So, Azerbaijan was obliged to install a border checkpoint at the entrance of the Lachin-Khankendi road to control the freight transportation. It should be mentioned that Azerbaijan did not hinder any transportation and only checked the goods. Later, it found out that Armenians bribed the employees of the International Red Cross to smuggle forbidden products. As the saying goes, Azerbaijan closed the border checkpoint and offered to use an alternative road, the Agdam-Khankendi road. But as they cannot traffic ammunition through the Agdam-Khankendi road, they persistently refuse to use it and brazenly demand the Lachin-Khankendi road.

Another issue that Armenians manipulate very much is the security of the Armenian minority in Karabakh. In other words, after Azerbaijan's glorious victory in the 44-day war in 2020, Nikol Pashinyan does his best to create an illusion that he is eager to peace and ready to recognize Azerbaijan's territorial integrity, but he is worried about the security of the Armenian minority in Karabakh. Armenians, led by the PM, interpret Azerbaijan's integration policy as a guise for ethnic cleansing. They have propagandized and dinned in that integration will be tantamount to ethnic cleansing. They go the extra miles to saboteur the integration process, even they harshly punished a trader who sold products made in Azerbaijan.

It is crystal clear that neither Pashinyan nor other politicians are interested in lasting peace, they just intend to gain time through such tricky games. First and foremost, as I mentioned above, Azerbaijan has done its best to prove that no danger exists against the Armenian minority within the territory of the republic. Secondly, Armenians are the last nation in the world to request security for any minority from other countries, because they killed, expelled, tortured, and looted thousands of Azerbaijani and Muslim Kurdish minorities in Armenia in the 1980s and 1990s. If we are speaking about the rights of minorities, why does Armenia not try to compensate the violated rights of these minorities?

Accusations of other states and international organizations posed by Pashinyan, once again prove the imprudence of Armenians. First of all, Azerbaijan has never violated any international law or demonstrated aggression against any nation. So, no one can demand anything from Azerbaijan. Secondly, Armenia forgets that it had never fulfilled the 4 resolutions adopted by the UN regarding withdrawing its armed groups from Azerbaijan's former occupied territories and returning back these lands. Thus, how can a country, which is famous for violating the resolutions of international organizations, demand from the same organizations to protect the baseless and so-called rights made by Armenians?

Frankly saying, the peak of brazenness in the interview is threatening Azerbaijan with war. It is the most important proof that Pashinyan suffers from amnesia. Otherwise, he would not have forgotten the 44-day war and its circumstances. Needless to say that Armenia needs peace more than Azerbaijan. Armenia does not have any resources to wage war with Azerbaijan and any new war will mean the last nail to the coffin of Armenia.


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