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Azerbaijani to do his Ph.D. research on a joint NASA project [PHOTO]

27 June 2022 14:55 (UTC+04:00)
Azerbaijani to do his Ph.D. research on a joint NASA project [PHOTO]

After successfully completing his B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and Business Law with honors, Yusif Gurbanli has been invited to continue his academic career at the University of Miami. Due to his high GPA and other outstanding achievements in the field, he has been offered to enroll directly into the Ph.D. program at his university.

His doctorate work is based on a joint project with NASA. As explained by Mr. Gurbanli, "Co-Flow Jet" technology, that he is going to work on, is a flow circulation enhancement system that absorbs the air from the trailing edge of the wing with the injection happening at the leading one.

This allows better circulation and lower flow separation resulting in higher angles of attack. Consequently, a higher angle of attack yields a better lift coefficient which is vital for aerodynamic properties. The system also minimizes drag. The technology developed by Yusif’s academic advisor Dr. GeCheng Zha received high reviews from the scientific community and "Co-Flow" has recently signed a joint operational agreement with NASA for new eV/STOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) technologies.

When it comes to applications, Yusif stated that his research can be implemented in anything that needs optimization of aerodynamic properties: commercial vertical take-off aircraft, Formula 1 cars, special purpose drones, and many other riveting projects. Moreover, he has also patriotically added:

"As I know the international airport in Fuzuli has already been completed. However, several smaller airports, such as Kalbajar and Zangilan, are on the way. For instance, Kalbajar has a quite difficult terrain. "Co-Flow Jet" technology can be used to reduce the landing/take-off distances by significant margins allowing larger aircraft to land on shorter runways."

His work has been highly praised in the United States, as the "Energy and Transportation Ecosystem based on Martian Atmosphere" project he worked on has won the nomination not only in the "Mechanical and Aerospace" category but also as a best overall engineering project at the Design Expo. The main accomplishment of the project was the creation of the first-ever manned aircraft for thin Martian air conditions. Such aircraft would work even more effectively on Earth.

A detailed scientific paper on this topic is scheduled to be published in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) journal later this year with Yusif Gurbanli being one of the co-authors. As per the future implementation of the project, he commented that we still have numerous gaps to fill in on our planet, but his research can be used as a foundation for humanity's future expeditions to near space, M81 galaxy while hoping to see the Azerbaijani flag pinned on Mars!

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