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This irresponsible behavior of French FM also undermines bilateral international obligations of France - Azerbaijani MP

20 January 2022 13:48 (UTC+04:00)
This irresponsible behavior of French FM also undermines bilateral international obligations of France - Azerbaijani MP

By Trend

President Ilham Aliyev reminded the principles of international law to the French delegation who visited the territories of Azerbaijan illegally and secretly, Azerbaijani MP Konul Nurullayeva said, Trend reports.

Valerie Pekres, one of the candidates in the presidential elections of France, prefers to divert the importance of the issue instead of understanding his mistakes and delivering his apologies to the official Baku. He is provoking the former Nagorno-Karabakh conflict by raising it to the religious sphere. The Foreign Minister of this country also justifies this crime. With this approach, France has shown another example of pro-Armenianism.

Interestingly, rational people in France today also state that the candidates are taking this step, knowing that an illegal visit to Karabakh will provoke such a reaction. It means that the crime and provocation committed here are committed consciously. Pekres, who wants to be elected as a president, is not afraid to damage the relations between his country and Azerbaijan. He prefers to form the election slogan on the basis of the interests of Armenians. As if the elections will be held in Armenia, not in France. It seems that this step is aimed at gaining the vote of the Armenian electorate. However, it is not clear how decisive these votes will be in the elections.

We also witnessed French Minister for European and Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian's statement in the National Assembly that was against international law, his efforts to cover up the criminal activities of some government representatives and parliamentarians, as well as the Republican member of the National Assembly Eric Siotti's attempt to make insults. This approach to the issue contradicts the traditions of diplomacy.

This approach of the French candidates is directly aimed at damaging the Azerbaijani-French relations. Moreover, France continues to take steps contrary to its status as the Co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group. This once again confirms that France has already lost its neutrality in one or another way in the peacemaking process in the region. It is no coincidence that the French government demonstrated its support for Armenia during the 44-day war, which is not in line with its co-chairing mission. Unfortunately, the same approach continues today.

The Azerbaijani society and the official Baku call on the members of the French Parliament to put an end to such criminal acts, which seriously violate international law. Because this is a provocative step aimed at explicitly disrupting the stability and development of the Caucasus region. This irresponsible behavior also undermines the bilateral international obligations of France.


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