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Khari Bulbul flower presented to botanical garden in Prague [PHOTO]

24 December 2020 17:17 (UTC+04:00)
Khari Bulbul flower presented to botanical garden in Prague [PHOTO]

By Laman Ismayilova

"Khari Bulbul" flower has been presented to the botanical garden of Karlova University in Prague,the Czech Republic.

The flower Khari Bulbul, after which the collection was named, grows only in Shusha. The shape of the flower resembles a nightingale. "Khar" means "thorn" in Azerbaijani, and "bulbul" means "nightingale".

If you look at the flower closely, you can easily see three petals spreading in three different directions. Two of them are like wings, and the third one in the middle is shaped like a bird’s head.

The presentation of the "Khari Bulbul" flower brought from Azerbaijan at the initiative of Azerbaijan State Diaspora activists Shabnam Asadova and Rumiya Ali to Czech botanists took place as part of the commemoration ceremony of the famous Azerbaijani biochemist, Honored Scientist, professor Akif Guliyev, who was awarded the gold medal of Karlova University, the State Committee on Work with Diaspora reported.

Initiated by Eldar Valiyev, the event brought together the head of the Botanical Garden of Karlova University Ladislav Pavlata, researchers of the Faculty of Biology and colleagues of the late professor - Doctors of Sciences Vladislav Shvatora and Milan Kaftan, curator of the Botanical Garden Tomas Prokhazka, representatives of the Azerbaijani community Emma Lazar and Khadija Aliyeva.

The head of the Botanical Garden Ladislav Pavlata expressed his graditude to the guests and promised that the staff would do its best to spring up this flower.

In their remakrs, Eldar Valiyev and Vladislav Shvatora provided insight into the activities of professor Akif Guliyev aimed at development of scientific and educational ties between the two countries, including the cooperation in joint research as well as the organization of visits of Czech researchers to Azerbaijan through the Azerbaijani scientist.

The professor's daughter, Naila Abdullayeva, joined the event via the Internet and thanked them for commemorating her father, emphasizing that she would work to continue his work.

It should be noted that Professor Akif Guliyev got a certain stage of postgraduate education in 1967-1968 at Karlova University in the Czech Republic.

The first agreement was signed between Karlova University and Baku State University in 1972 at the initiative of A. Guliyev. Well-known biochemist died on July 19, 2020.


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Khari Bulbul flower presented to botanical garden in Prague [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
Khari Bulbul flower presented to botanical garden in Prague [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
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