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Baku to remove special police posts set up due to lockdown

2 July 2020 11:06 (UTC+04:00)
Baku to remove special police posts set up due to lockdown

By Ayya Lmahamad

Special police posts established in the streets and avenues of Baku in connection with special quarantine regime will be removed as of July 2, the Interior Ministry has reported in its official website.

The reason for this is to ensure traffic intensity on inner-city roads, to attract more personnel to control the strict quarantine regime.

Moreover, this will be followed by strengthening control over city to ensure citizen’s compliance with quarantine regulations, in particular the use of medical masks and maintenance social distance.

Thus, the number of patrol will be increased in streets and avenues, as well as in residential areas, and the availability of appropriate vehicle permit will be determined by means of video surveillance cameras.

Azerbaijan first introduced quarantine regime on March 24, and on June 18 decision was taken to extend special quarantine regime until August 1.

On June 18, Cabinet of Ministers announced decision to impose a two-week strict quarantine regime.

Under the new lockdown rule, citizens are allowed to leave their place of residence only after obtaining SMS permissions. Special police posts were established in the streets and avenues of the city to ensure compliance with lockdown rules.

Operation of shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, beauty salons, as well as museums, exhibition halls, sport and beaches was also suspended until July 5. Azerbaijan mandated wearing face masks on May 31.


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