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Transfer of Zangezur to Armenia weakened bonds among Turkic-speaking states - expert

16 October 2019 16:08 (UTC+04:00)
Transfer of Zangezur to Armenia weakened bonds among Turkic-speaking states - expert

By Trend

The transfer of Azerbaijan’s Zangezur district to Armenia weakened the bonds among the Turkic-speaking states, Ziyad Amrakhov, Ph.D. in History, head of the department of the Institute of the History of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, told Trend.

“Azerbaijan lost its historical lands after the secession of Zangezur from Azerbaijan and its accession to Armenia,” the head of the department added.

"This led to the separation from the Turkic world in terms of geography, as well as the inaction of the beneficial transit routes of the historic Great Silk Road in the Caucasus,” Amrakhov said. “The reason for all this is a violation of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity.”

The head of the department added that the Armenians’ separatist steps in connection with Zangezur were obvious in 1919.

“The discussions in connection with Armenia’s constant territorial claims against Azerbaijan and the genocide of Azerbaijanis being committed by the Armenians have been repeatedly held in the parliament of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR),” Amrakhov added.

“In the parliament, Azerbaijani MPs from Irevan and the Karabakh region repeatedly raised the issue [saying] that the Armenians commit massacre of the Turks and, therefore, to resolve this issue, it is necessary to proceed to the actions and prefer a military solution to the issue,” the head of the department said.

“According to the historical facts, the British military forces were also present in Azerbaijan in November 1918 and the Azerbaijani and Armenian governments were recommended to resolve this issue at an international conference in connection with the presence of the British military forces,” Amrakhov added.

“However, after holding important discussions in the parliament, the ADR government conducted an operation in autumn 1919 to put an end to the separatist actions of the Armenians in Zangezur and Karabakh considering the fact that the Armenian government did not abandon its actions,” the head of the department said.

“According to the order of Minister of War of ADR Samadbey Mehmandarov, this operation was entrusted to two Azerbaijani generals,” Amrakhov said. “However, the operation was unsuccessful.”


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