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Environment Ministry reveals data on illegal fish farmers

6 November 2018 11:00 (UTC+04:00)
Environment Ministry reveals data on illegal fish farmers

By Narmina Mammadova

Currently, in Azerbaijan, about eight hundred individuals and legal entities are engaged in aquaculture. But due to the fact that they have not passed the state registration, their activities have been recognized as illegal, the director of the Research Institute of Fisheries of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan Mehman Ahundov told Trend .

According to the order of artificial breeding of fish, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministry of Environment should register the institutions involved in aquaculture.

"About 800 individuals and legal entities addressed the ministry in order to be engaged in aquaculture. In response to these applications, we said that they need to prepare relevant documents and biological and technological substantiation of their farms, and then submit them to the ministry," Ahundov said.

The director of the scientific research institute added that the problem is that these persons did not complete the formal legal registration, so the ministry is forced to find out the addresses of these enterprises and then contact them.

Ahundov noted that addresses of about 500 enterprises had already been received.

"We just have to try to help them get registered, legitimize their activities, thereby ensuring food security. Being engaged in illegal activities, they also shy away from paying taxes," Akhundov added.

Within the framework of the program, there are ample opportunities for creating fish farms like lattices in the waters of the Azerbaijani part of the Caspian Sea to meet the needs of the population of Azerbaijan in seafood, as well as to develop mariculture.

Taking into account the threat of depletion of biological resources and poaching, it is necessary to develop aquaculture in the Caspian regions of Azerbaijan and involve the population in a new activity, the director of the institute said. This can help reduce poaching and improve the ecological situation in the Caspian Sea.

Ahundov also said that the ministry is making efforts to create more efficient farms in the basin and to increase the number of fish species in the Caspian Sea and other water basins in the country through development of aquaculture.

“Currently, a state program is being developed for the development of this sphere. This will give impetus to the development of fisheries and the aquaculture sector in the country,” the director of the institute added.

Ahundov noted that fisheries with a high level of productivity can be created by using the experience of foreign countries in the field of biotechnology in the Caspian Caspian Sea regions. It is necessary to rely on international standards, best practices and agreements for the development of fisheries and the aquaculture sector.

“Based on research, it can be argued that the transition of the population in the near future from fishing to aquaculture and mariculture contributes to the growth of income of fishermen engaged in industrial fishing, and also fully satisfy the country's domestic demand for fish products. According to calculations, the productivity will be so high that fish products grown in the next years can be exported to foreign countries,” Ahundov added.

At present, there is no limit for fishing in Azerbaijan, with the exception of pikeperch, white-eyed carp, silver carp, trout, Caspian trout, swordfish, roach and others. These species are listed in the "Red Book" and their capture is prohibited by law.

Amateur anglers do not need any licenses - fishing with fishing rods is allowed. It is forbidden to use synthetic networks, electrical equipment, chemical and silencing means.


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