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Official: Active vaccination leads to herd immunity formation

1 March 2022 17:46 (UTC+04:00)
Official: Active vaccination leads to herd immunity formation

By Ayya Lmahamad

Azerbaijani Health Ministry's Chief Infectious Disease Specialist Tayyar Eyvazov has said that people's active participation in the vaccination process against COVID-19 leads to the formation of herd immunity.

He noted that first and foremost, the vaccination schedule, including the annual flu shot, should not be neglected.

"We must not forget that stress weakens the immune system. The human immune, nervous and hormonal systems work in constant interaction to regulate the body's resistance. Keep your body in good physical shape, spend more time in the fresh air," he said.

The official added that normal blood circulation allows cells of the immune system to perform their protective function.

"Treat any infectious diseases in a timely and comprehensive manner," he added.

On February 28, 2020, the country confirmed its first COVID-19 case. On March 25, the country implemented a special quarantine regime and implemented a number of measures to combat COVID-19 in the country. The COVID-19 Omicron variant was first detected on January 10 in Azerbaijan.

Vaccination has been carried out in Azerbaijan since January 18, 2021, and it is still being carried out successfully. The epidemiological situation in Azerbaijan remains stable due to the active participation of the population in vaccination.

The nationwide vaccination is free and voluntary, and it is in accordance with the "Vaccination Strategy Against COVID-19 in Azerbaijan for 2021-2022."

The country began vaccinating citizens with China's Sinovac on January 18, AstraZeneca's Vaxzevria vaccine on May 3, Russia's Sputnik V on May 18, and Pfizer from the United States on June 7. From May 10, the country began offering COVID-19 vaccination to citizens over the age of 18.

Simultaneously, on August 9, Azerbaijan began issuing vaccination exemption certificates to citizens who have contraindications to coronavirus vaccines approved for use in the country.

As of February 28, some 12,982,387 COVID-19 vaccines have been provided to Azerbaijani citizens.


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