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YARAT presents Maxim Tatarintsev's solo exhibition

27 September 2023 16:50 (UTC+04:00)
YARAT presents Maxim Tatarintsev's solo exhibition

YARAT Contemporary Art Space is hosting a solo exhibition project by Maxim Tatarintsev.

"MONO" – derived from the ancient Greek word "μόνος" (mónos, translates to "alone, solitary, or lonely"), Azernews reports.

The exhibition “MONO” talks about a man alienated in the absurd, making sense of a rapidly changing reality as a mirror to his time.

Obviously, the instability of human experience has become more common. Today’s increasing geopolitical conflicts and immigrations, as well as natural disasters, have deeply affected people’s lives on a personal level. At the same time, the rapid development of artificial intelligence technologies is progressing in parallel with these events. This exhibition incorporates the author's reflections brought by the sense of meaninglessness and absurdity of the post-immigration period, reflecting the artist's subjective reality by means of artificial intelligence. While the exhibition is a completely personal monologue of the artist, throughout the exposition, there is a constant dialogue with artificial intelligence. In this dialectic, artificial intelligence plays the role of a guide, serving as a kind of solution provider, accompanying the author in their search for meaning and raising questions within the absurd. Artificial intelligence dictates the author through all of their steps. Despite the often-irrational nature of these instructions, the fact that the author follows them points to how external forces and circumstances affects their perception and life, even to the extent of control. In the exhibition, the artist proposes a critical question: should one surrender to events beyond their control or resist against them?

By establishing a mutual relationship with artificial intelligence, Tatarintsev examines the possibilities and limitations of the interaction and explores the potential consequences of AI’s rapid development. Thus, the exhibition raises questions related to ethics and responsibility and emphasizing how it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish reality from surreal, original from counterfeit. Note that the exhibition is curated by Zahra Mammadova.

Maxim Tatarintsev (b.1991, Ukraine) is an artist, works in genres of video, installation, public-art and painting. The main plot to his work is the social environment, as the main source of personality development.

He graduated from the "Environmental Design" faculty in Moscow State Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts named after S. Stroganov in 2014. In 2018, he graduated from ICA. Solo exhibtions of the artist include "By my side" solo exhibition ("DORDOR" gallery, New York, 2021); "Timekeeping" ("PRO ART`S" gallery, Kaluga, Russia, 2020). He also participated in numerous exhibitions and projects: “SafeZone” (ARTIM Project Space, Baku, 2022), "Things" ("ART4" Museum, Moscow, Russia, 2022), Fisura International Experimental Film and Video Festival ( Mexico, 2021), "COSMOSCOW" Art Fair (Moscow, 2020), International Biennale of Young Art (2018, 2016; Moscow) and etc. His works have been awarded a number of prizes.

Opening: September 28th, 19:00

Venue: ARTIM Project Space

Exhibition Duration: September 28th –December 30th

Address: Icherisheher (Old City), Kichik Qala Street, 5

Exhibition Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM


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