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Baku Jazz Festival invites cinema lovers

10 September 2021 10:18 (UTC+04:00)
Baku Jazz Festival invites cinema lovers

By Laman Ismayilova

Baku Jazz Festival 2021 invites you to enjoy some of the 20th century's greatest films.

The film screening will take place at the Art Tower Gallery on September 11-12 at 20:00.

Jazz and cinema were born at the end of the last century literally in the same year - in 1895. At the dawn of the twentieth century, they were new types of entertainment, and on the way to art, the path was swift and triumphant.

The statistics of the European edition "Jazz Cinema" shows that the reference book mentions about 4000 various films where jazz sounds as a soundtrack.

In the era of the Great Mute, in the Old and New Worlds, each cinema had a piano at the screen for a pianist who improvised standards for certain genres. Subsequently, certain keynotes became famous jazz standards, as cinemas were a forge for honing the skills of eminent jazz pianists.

Over the past five years of the Baku Jazz Festival, films were shown annually, where attention was focused on the work of the composer with a jazz soundtrack and how the film's editing sequence was lined up in time with the notes.

Following the motto of the Jazz Victory festival, film critic Ulvi Mehti invites jazz and cinema lovers to plunge into the wonderful athmosphere.

Wim Wenders' documentary film improvisation about post-revolutionary Cuba, Martin Scorsese`s drama "New York, New York" will be screened as part of the festival.

The film "New York, New York" is filled with jazz standards performed by Frank Sinatra and Liza Minnelli.

This is a film about the triumph of love on the day of the celebration of the victory over fascism a year after the end of the Second World War.

Attendance of the event is possible by prior registration and covid restrictions.

Meanwhile, the Baku Jazz Festival is being held in Baku on September 10-18, bringing together jazz musicians from Azerbaijan, the Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Turkey, Russia, Israel and Luxembourg.

Along with foreign guests, Azerbaijani jazzmen will perform at the festival, including Honored Artists Rain Sultanov, Shahin Novrasli, Isfar Sarabski, musicians Elbay Mamedzade, Elvin Bashirov and many others.

This year, Baku Jazz Festival 2021 will differ from the traditional one as it will be held in a club format amid a coronavirus pandemic.

The first ever Baku Jazz Festival was held in 2005 since then it has grown to be widely recognized as one of the country's leading festivals.

Baku Jazz Festival and related advertisements are broadcasted in Euronews TV channel. In 2006, it was included in the list of the top biggest jazz festivals worldwide.

Since 2017, the festival joins the Europe Jazz Network. Baku Jazz Festival is also a member of UNESCO International Jazz Day Celebration.


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Baku Jazz Festival invites cinema lovers - Gallery Image
Baku Jazz Festival invites cinema lovers - Gallery Image
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