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Azerbaijan to mark 135th jubilee of prominent playwright and poet

26 October 2017 10:15 (UTC+04:00)
Azerbaijan to mark 135th jubilee of prominent playwright and poet

By Laman Ismayilova

Fearless, inventive, persistent and beautiful- there are many writers, novelists and poets who challenge our ideas of who we are.

Azerbaijan has a number of art people who inspire us to live life more fully and creatively. One of such persons was an outstanding poet and playwright of the early 20th century Huseyn Javid.

He was one of the founders of the progressive romanticism movement in the contemporary Azerbaijani literature.

His works bear the ideas of humanism, love for homeland, philosophical poems, historical drama, opening a new page in Azerbaijan's literature and drama.

Javid's first book of lyrical poems, titled "The Past Days" was published in 1913.

However Huseyn Javid was known more as a playwright. In his literary tragedy Sheikh Sanan (1914), he philosophized about the idea of a universal religion to lift the inter-religious barrier between human beings.

His most famous creation was "The Satan", written in 1918, the work exposing all oppressive forces as the supporters of "humans are wolves to each other" philosophy and "the 20th century cultural savages", and summarized them in the character of Satan.

Huseyn Javid wrote a number of historical epics, such as "The Prophet" (1922), "Timur" (1925), "Sayavush" (1933) and "Khayyam " (1935).

In his plays "The Prophet" and "The Satan", Huseyn Javid brilliantly used dialogues as a tool to make confrontations between opposing views.

Javid was arrested in 1937 on trumped-up charges of being a "founding member of a counter-revolutionary group that was plotting an overthrow of the Soviet power". His arrest was a part of the nationwide campaign of purge against intelligentsia.

This year marks the 135th anniversary of legendary poet and playwright.

President Ilham Aliyev has signed an order to mark the 135th anniversary of the prominent Azerbaijani poet and playwright Huseyn Javid.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in conjunction with the Education Ministry, as well as the National Academy of Sciences and the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic have been instructed to develop and implement an action plan dedicated to the poet’s jubilee, in consideration of proposals of the Azerbaijan Writers' Union.


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